SRMS Hostel Fee Session 2018-19

TOTAL HOSTEL FEE   Single Installment in Rs. (at the time of Registration)
Seated Hostel & Other(Rs.) Food Charges Total   Seated Amount Seated Cooler Facilty Charges (Rs.)
Triple 20000 48000 68000   Triple 66500 Triple 2000
Double 21000 48000 69000   Double 67500 Double 3000
Single 22500 48000 70500   Single 69000 Single 6000

Three Instalment (Triple Seated) in Rs.   Three Instalment (Double Seated) in Rs.
IstInstalment   IstInstalment    
(i) Hostel fee 8000
At the time of registration
  (i) Hostel fee 9000
At the time of registration
(ii) Food Charges 22000   (ii) Food Charges 22000  
IIstInstalment   IIstInstalment    
(i) Hostel fee 8000
  (i) Hostel fee 8000
(ii) Food Charges 16000   (ii) Food Charges 16000  
IIIstInstalment   IIIstInstalment    
(i) Hostel fee 4000
  (i) Hostel fee 4000
(ii) Food Charges 10000   (ii) Food Charges 10000
TOTAL 68000
  TOTAL 69000

Three Instalment (Single Seated) in Rs.
(i) Hostel fee 10000
At the time of registration
(ii) Food Charges 22000
(i) Hostel fee 8500
5th November, 2018
(ii) Food Charges 16000
(i) Hostel fee 4000
1st February,2019
(ii) Food Charges 10000
Total 70500

Note :
  • Hostel Security Rs. 5000/- (one time) will be charged extra.
  • Hostel fee is to be paid separately by Bank Draft in favour of SRMS Hostel or online as per above given details and fooding charges in cash or by bank draft payable in favour of SRMS Students Welfare Association payable at Bareilly
  • In case if a candidate is depositing the fees online using the link provided on the website, he/she can transfer a total amount through the portal. Candidate has to present the online receipt in Accounts section of respective college.