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Research Papers (Student)

List of Student’s Research Papers

1. Vivaldi Antenna Designed for UWB Application Esha Johari   AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
2. Compaaritive study of μ-Law and A-Law companding for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems Deergha Agarwal Nishant Sharan AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
3. Parametric Study of Frequency Selective For Surfaces At 5.8GHz Using Jerusalem Cross Microstrip Patch Antenna Geeta B.R.dutta AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
4. Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter Ravi Prakash Verma D . K. Chaddha AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
5. UWB Monopole Antenna with Band Notched Characteristics Anjali Gupta Hardesh Kumar Singh AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
6. A Low Profile Planner Inverted F-Antenna (PIFA) for Mobile Application Deepesh Kumar Singh Hardesh Kumar Singh AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
7. A Circularly Polarized Square Patch Antenna At 2045GHz for Wireless Power Transfer P rateek Gargeya B . R. Dutta AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
8. Design and Analysis of Dielectric Resonator At C-Band Tulika Khanna Deshraj Shakya AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
9. Yogi –Uda Nantenna : A Microwave Absorber Kartik Goyal Abhishek Srivastava AECT – 2014/
10. 2×2 Microstrip Anteena Array Using Coplanar Feed Network Mohd Irshad Khan Sovan Mohanty AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
11. Toroid Slotted Bow -Tie Antenna for X-Band Application Deshdeep Gupta Anvita Srivastava AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
12. Terahertz Science and Technology of Carbon Nanomaterial Jolis Gupta Satya Prakash Sinha AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
13. Design and Simulation of Hemispherical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wimax Application Deepshikha shukla Vishumendra Thakur AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
14. Design of 2×2 Shaped Rectangular Micro Strip Array Antenna for GSM Application Satya Prakash Sinha   AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
15. Design of Inset Fed Rectangular Patch Antenna Using ISM Band M aleeha Khan Ambikca Yadav,Surya Prakash Gangwar AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
16. Blue LEDs GaN Using Nanoimprint Lithography Mukesh Kumar   AECT – 2014/ISBN 978-9383303-89-2
17. An approach concerning security and privacy in Cloud Computing. Vishwamitra Manav Sameer Awasthi RTSER -2014
18. An approach concerning security and privacy in Cloud Computing. Nitisha Agarwal Sameer Awasthi RTSER -2014
19. An Approach towards Eusing Semantic Web Commerce Tanmay Mehrotra Anurag Singh Yadav ACNIS-2014
20. Big Data And Its Security Issues” Rahul Srivastava Anurag Singh Yadav ACNIS-2014
21. Handroff Schemes and Mobility Management in Vechicular Ad-hoc network Anshika Agrawal,Vikas Gupta, Vivek Sharan,Vishal Bhardwaj   ACNIS-2014
22. Implementing AGILE in Small Organization Ashish Agrawal Sadhana Singh, Malay ACSITEET 2014,/ISSN. 0974-2239
23. A Review on ‘Tizen: An Open Source Platform for Creating Mobile OS Ashish Agrawal Sadhana Singh, Malay IJSHRE 2014./ISSN 2347-4890.
24. Clean Glass Approach: Improving Transparency in Software Industry Ashish Agrawal Sadhana Singh, Malay ICRTES’ 2014 , ISBN 978-93-5107-223-2
25. Implementing Morphological Operators for Edge Detection on 3D Biomedical Images Sadhana Singh Ashish Agrawal, ICACEA 2014,ISSN 0975-8887.
26. Image Compression on Biomedical imaging using DCT and LZW Lossless Approach Sadhana Singh Ashish Agrawal, ICAET 2014 , ISBN 978-1-
27. A Study on Role of Personality Traits for Pair Programming Team Ashish Agrawal Sadhana Singh, Malay ICHPCA 2014 , ISBN 978-1-
28. Timetable Generation using Value Encoding and Different Selection methods in Genetic Algorithm Sadhana Singh   NCAMSTM 2014
29. Edge Detection on 3D Biomedical Images Using the Different Linear Methods Sadhana Singh Ashish Agrawal, RTSER 2014
30. A Study on Bluejacking (Wireless Technology) Sadhana Singh Ashish Agrawal, ICSET 2014, Dehradun
31. Comparative Analysis of PD, PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller Ritu Shakya Ashish Agrawal, RTEMNGE 2014. Roorkee
32. Smell Simulation Technology & its Applications (Advance Mobile Service & Sadhana Singh Sadhana Singh, SACTA 2014 , ISBN 978-
33. Personal Communication System): A Review      
34. Lossless Predictive Compression on 3D Biomedical Image Sadhana Singh Manvi Mishra, Prof. ACNIS 2014
35. Lossless 3D Biomedical Image Compression using Predictive Coding Technique Sadhana Singh Manvi Mishra, Prof. SAVOIR MANTRNA 2014,
36. Implementing Fuzzy Logic for Software Risk and Quality Estimation Ashish Agrawal L.S. Maurya NCAMSTM 2014
37. State of the art of security in cryptography Nishi Gupta Ms. Ratna Awasthi SRMSWCET, Bareilly