Student’s activities are aimed at all round development of students, and also grooming them to face global challenges. Our endeavour is to prepare the students to inculcate managerial skills and to develop a proactive approach to solving problems, in a continuously changing economic, political, socio‐cultural and info environment.

Students are encouraged to organise cultural, technical, literary events as well as to participate in sports activities. To actively involve the students in all these activities, various student clubs have been established in the college.

Club Activities

  • Several clubs formed to encourage and organize extra curricular activities amongst students.
  • Each club will have a name , basic objectives and list of proposed activities.
  • All the students will have to opt for membership of at least two clubs at the time of registration.
  • Students should mention four preferences for club membership. in case there are several students for the first two options ,the student will be alloted club membership according to their subsequent choices.
  • Students will not be allowed to change their membership options during the year.
  • A nominal fee towards club membership will be charged from the students, at the time of registration.
  • Attendance will be mandatory for club meetings and activities. An attendance register will be maintained for this purpose.
  • The club must be managed by the students , under the guidance of two faculty members.
  • Each club will have a student secretary and two joint secretaries, who will report to the faculty coordinators.
  • All the club will hold regular meetings to discuss and plan their activities. Attendance will be noted and minutes of such meetings will be prepared and filed.
  • Each club will publish a monthly newsletter , which will provide a forum for discussions on various topics related to the clubs and also given a account of the activities organized by the club.
  • Each club will organize competitive activities , at intra and inter college levels on a weekly basis. Clubs can invite participants from other clubs or colleges
  • Rules for indiviual activities being organized by the clubs will be decided by the coordinators and respective faculty in-charges.
  • The clubs will also organize community development programmes , trekkng and field trips etc.
  • Competition between the clubs should be healthy and clubs should not attempt to disrupt the activities of other clubs.
  • At the end of each academic year , the activities of alll the clubs will be evaluated and a prize will be given to the club, whose activity adjudged the best.

Various Departments in the college organise club activities pertaining to their respective areas of specialization.


    Robotrax Club:- The Robotrax Club is dedicated to promotion of activities related to Robotics amongst student fraternity. The club has a multi disciplinary approach and organises workshops and competitions for the benefit of the students.
    Aeronautical Club: A new club dedicated to development of knowledge and skills in field of Aeronautics has been established since last year. The club is receiving an overwhelming support and participation of the student community.
    Equinox Club: In this club the final year students organize online tests for the benefit of juniors. This helps students to prepare for placement.

    Synergy Club: The club is promoted by students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and helps in imparting practical knowledge to the students in fields related to Electrical Engineering.

    Other Clubs Of Engineering :
    • Culture Club
    • Literary Club
    • IT Club
    • Sports Club(Aaveg)
    • Dramitics Club(Exprimo)


    Student of M.Tech. have formed a ‘TRIUMTH CLUB’ which conducts several activities. This Club dedicated to development of knowledge and skills in field of research.

    B. Pharm.

    Students of Pharmacy have formed a Pharmaqumica Club, which conducts several activities. It released its first magazine christened PHARMA MIRROR, which is published by the department to encourage the students of Pharmacy to increase their involvement in the field of Pharmaceutical Journalism.


    The MBA department has formed the following Clubs for the overall personality development of management students.

    • Market Buzz The Marketing Club
    • Fin Whiz The Finance Club
    • Man Machine The Human Resource Club
    • Technocrats  The IT Club

    Paradigm is an annual event that is organized by the Faculty of Management Science with the view to provide impetus to the creativity and the initiative among students of Management. The event is made up of Extempore, Quiz, Role playing and game relating to Management.


    The MCA Department organizes Club activities as part of its continuing endeavour to improve the skills of the students. Six different clubs have been formed in order to organize various activities. The clubs are:

    • UWIN Club
    • Tweaks & Tricks Club
    • C2C# Club
    • CISCO Club
    • New Era@IT Club
    • Blue Chip Club
    • Sports club
    • Pharmaquimica club
    • Aeronautics club
    • Equinox club
    • Dramitics club

    TYRO (The Club of All)

    This is college club of SRMSCET that has been formed by the students at college level. The club organises a number of cultural, literary, sports, dramatics, Robotics, and other activities on a regular basis through out the year.

      ZEST (The Cultural Festival)

      An annual cultural/academic festival called ZEST is held by the club to provide opportunities to all the students to exhibit their talents in different fields. Teams from Technical and Management colleges/institutes of repute are invited to participate in this festival. Skits, debates, quizzes, mock parliament, music & dance events .

      (The Sport Meet)


      The Tyro Club organises AAMOD, an annual sports meet, open to all Technical colleges, every year. Various events like : track and field events,various outdoor and indoor games like Badminton,Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball, Squash, Football, Kho-Kho, Mini Cricket etc are orgnised as a part of the celebrations.

      TECHVYOM (The Technical Festival)


      Tyro club of Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology and Verve club of Shri Ram Murti Smarak Women’s College of Engineering and Technology jointly organised their annual Technical Fest TECHVYOM-2014 on April 19, 2014. President of Tyro Sudhanshu Kashyap and President of Verve Shruti invited various colleges for the event. Students made many interesting robots for events and Robo- War, Robo Soccer was conducted. Students participated with great enthusiasm and showed passion to win.


    The college also has a HOBBY CLUB a forum for organising creative activities among students such as painting, photography, philately, music, dramatics etc. The events organised by our college are highly appreciated and acclaimed at all levels. Most of the presentations from students are comparable to that of professionals.