The department of Dermatology is engaged in teaching Undergraduate and postgraduate students, patient care and research work. The department is equipped with state of art treatment facilities like- Laser treatments like hair removal, tattoo removal, acne scar, pigmentation etc.,

  • Radio frequency surgery, Cryosurgery, Hair transplantation, nail surgery, vitiligo surgery, acne scar surgery, and cosmetic surgery.
  • Department also runs special clinics like- Leprosy, STD, Pigmentary, Vitiligo, contact dermatitis, auto -immune disease, psoriasis, bullous disease clinics on scheduled week days.
  • The Department of Dermatology Venereology& Leprosy organized CME entitled “DermPath Primer – 2015” for Dermatology & Pathology residents.

New equipments acquired by the department in last one year:

  • Q Switch NdYag Laser
  • Long Pulse NdYag laser

New Achievement in the department/progress in last one year:

  • The OPD procedures & procedural work load has grown by >20% on yearly basis.


Dr. Nitin Mishra

Dr. Nitin Mishra
Asso. Profeesor

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Dr. Pratik Gahalaut

Dr. Pratik Gahalaut
Professor & H.O.D.

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