The GNM Diploma consists of 3 year full time course which includes 6 months of internship in various subjects as given in GNM syllabus by INC.

  • Part – I consisting of four papers.
  • Part-II consisting of three papers.
  • Part – III consisting of three papers.

Academic programme begins with the registration of students followed by an orientation programme for the fresh students joining the Institute. The programme is affiliated to U.P State Medical Faculty, Lucknow, and duly approved by INC New Delhi.

After successful completion of 3 yrs of above mentioned course included six months internship. Students has to put 85% attendance during internship period. Only the end 3 yrs GNM diploma course the students shall get pass certificate of GNM Diploma. For which the students has to fill one year service agreements after the completion of course.


  • The curriculum spread-over in a number of years as mentioned earlier shall include lectures, practicals,seminars, in addition to practical training & educational tours, as specified in the scheme of teaching & examinations.
  • It will also include co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as prescribed from time to time by the school.

You as a student should remember that :

  • Your aim to join this school is to become a nurse of repute, who is cost effective and also cares for those who do not have recommendations; a decent person having empathy towards patients and their attendants.
  • You have to maintain discipline and decorum in the institution.
  • You have to understand the richness of the traditions of the trust and follow them.
  • Make best use of the very rich infrastructure of this institution in becoming a good nurse.
  • Attend the classes as per time table.
  • Appear in all the examinations as per schedule and perform your best.
  • Participate in all the academic/extra-curricular activities in the school as and when required.
  • You are advised not to do any untoward act which will attract punishment.
  • Always remember that the Florence Nightingale Oath and the Code of Nursing Ethics should be your guiding principles in the profession and life.

Promotion Rules

  • A student gets supplementary if he/she fails in one subject. However he/she will attend classes of the next year. If,he/she does not clear supplementary exam the student is to go back in previous class.
  • Number of Examinations : The Faculty shall conduct not more than two professional examinations in a year. The supplementary examinations will follow the annual examination, six months before the publication of result of main professional examination.


Result at the end of year will be declared as per the ordinance of U.P State Medical Faculty, Lucknow

Award of Divisions

Distinction – 80% & above
First Division – 70% but below 80%
Second division – 60% but below 70%
Pass . . – 50% but below 60%

Library Timings

The Library is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days except Sunday.

Issuing Books

  • Books can be issued for seven days. If the book is not returned in time, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be imposed.
  • Books will not be issued on the same day of return. The book can be issued after a gap of minimum 24 hours.
  • A Request Form along with the Accession Number of the book should be deposited to get a book issued.


  • The hostel has a separate mess for girls and boys managed by students council. The mess provides nourishingand quality food for residents as follows :
    Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner
  • The hostel provides infra structural requirements for the mess facilities to the students. The management of the mess facilities is being done by the elected member(s) of the students’ community.