Pharmacy & Other Programs


The goal of this programme is to provide adequate depth of understanding of pharmacy principles and also to develop presentation and communication skills, which will add to the confidence in overall managerial abilities of future pharmacists.

The programme also aims at serving the social needs of public, private, corporate, non-corporate and other sectors of the Indian Economy by preparing students for jobs in any field of the Pharmacy profession.

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M. Pharm

The increased industrialization in Utter Pradesh, Uttarakhand and adjoining states has increased the demand for qualified and trained personnel across the nation. In view of this, our goal of the M. Pharm Programme is to contribute and fulfill the national need of specialized trained pharmaceutical man-power through prescribed teaching and training programme. Through this programme of post graduate in pharmacy the students will be educated, trained and inculcated to take research & development responsibilities of the country in large and of the world as whole.

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B.Sc in Paramedical

Programme has been designed taking into account all aspects related to health care, patient care, teaching and research. The goal of the programme is to produce high class paramedics who are aware & sensitive to health needs of the countary and are capable to participate in preventive & rehabilitated aspects of the diseases & to educate the persons in the society and to keep abreast themselves with the continuing medical education.

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The goal of the programme is to provide education and sound training in the field of Nursing with an emphasis on Preparing Nurses/Health workers to meet the basic health needs of the community as well as to meet the requirements of emerging hospitals / nursing homes.

General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) programme of the school is Recognized by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Affiliated with State Medical Faculty, Uttar Pradesh and Approved by Government of Uttar Pradesh.

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