Change of Branch

The branch of study once allocated by the SEE, UPTU shall not be changed; however, such a change may be allowed against vacant seats at the beginning of IInd year, on the basis of merit in the B.Tech. 1st year examination result(without any back and grace marks).

Change of branch may be allowed against the vacant seats in the following two stages:
A. i In first year branch change should be completed withing 10 days of the last date of admission to the B.Tech., Ist Semester, strictly on the basis of combined general merit of entrance examination on vacant seat(s).
A. ii After Change of branch, number of students in branch(s) shall neither increase over the intake approved by A.I.C.T.E. nor decrease below 75% of intake approved by A.I.C.T.E.
B. In the second year (Third Semester) Branch Change should be completed according to the following criteria :
i Branch change at the college level shall be carried out by the Director/Principal of the college.
ii Facility of Branch change at the Second Year (Third Semester) level shall be available only to meritorious students and shall not be considered as a matter of right.
iii Branch change is permitted at Third Semester (Second Year) only.
iv For the purpose of branch change, the “prescribed intake” shall be the intake prescribed by AICTE for the previous academic session including 10% intake for fee waiver seats, if applicable, when the students were admitted at first semester level. Subsequent variations in intake shall have no bearing on the students eligible for branch change.
v Maximum number of studetns permitted to change of branch shall be 25% of the students enrolled in the first year in the respective branch(s), subject to the strenght of the class not decreasing below 75% of enrolled students and slso not below 50% of intake approved by AICTE. After branch change the intake must not be more than approved AICTE intake including the fee waiver seats.

vi Branch change can be made only against clear vacancy in a particular branch, Vacancy (V) being defined as V = I – (Reg + Rep + Lat)

where I = The prescribed intake for the branch including 10% intake for fee waiver seats.

Reg = No. of regular students who have been promoted & registered in third semester(including NRI & management Quota Seats)

Rep = No. of students from previous batches, registered in third semester as a regular students.

Lat = No. of students admitted & registered in third semester directly through lateral entry against vacan seats at first year level.

Branch change shall not be permitted to any course where (Reg + Rep + Lat) > or = I under no circumstances, there shall be any exception to the above stipulations.
vii Branch change shall be strictly according to the Merit list prepared by the college on the basis of total marks obtained by a student in First Year University Examination. Only those students who have passed in all the subjects(without any carry over paper or grace in any subject of any semester) shall be considered.
viii B.Tech Biotechnology, B.Tech Agriculture or Lateral Entry Students shall not be eligible for branch change.

ix Students admitted on any seat which is over and above the AICTE sanctioned intake (such as Lateral Entry, Kashmiri migrant) shall not be eligible for branch change.

x Change of Branch should be completed withing 10 days of the announcement of First & Second Semester (First Year) result.

xi Excell intake in any branch shall disentitle the college to effectuate any branch change in that discipline until the punitive measure, such as reduction in intake etc. as imposed by UPTU is effective.
xii College/Students shall not be entitled to any relief, if the guidelines mentioned above for permitting brnach change are not strictly adhered to.