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The proper use of animals in research is an essential contribution to the improvement of pharmaceutical research and animal lives.
To perform pharmaceutical research, train the new generation regarding animal studies and to facilitate animals for use in research by strictly following the guidelines of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Government of India.

Salient Features:
1. Well designed and established animal house approved by CPCSEA for the Purpose of Education and research (Reg. No. -715/PO/Re/S/02/CPCSEA).
2. We have an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) for the approval of research and project proposals which involves the use of the animal.
3. All activities of the Animal House Facility are carried out as per standard operating procedures (SOPs).
4. The Animal House Facility maintains the records of activities as well as maintenance and experimentation records of the animals as per the statutory requirement of CPCSEA.
5. The animal house supports various research programs in the research areas of Clinical Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, etc.
Animal Species: Rat, Mice, Guinea pig, Rabbit.
Structure of I.A.E.C

Name Designation Position in IAEC
Dr. Sanjay Singh Veterinary Officer Chairman
Dr. Simhadri V.S.D.N.A. Nagesh Professor Member Secretary
Dr. Jitendra Kr. Yadav Professor Scientist In-charge of Animal House Facility
Dr. Nita Yadav Professor Member from different Biological discipline
Mr. Rajat Yadav Assistant Professor Biological Scientist


• Quarantine Room: 1
• Mice Stock Room: 1
• Rat Stock Room: 1
• Guinea Pig Stock Room: 1
• Instrumentation Room: 1
• Experimental Room: 1
• Washing Area: 1
• Veterinary office: 1
• In-house garden
• Fodder cultivation area

Our Capabilities

The activities of Central Animal House
• Promoting basic and educational animal research
• Periodical Institutional Animal Ethic committee meeting
• Invivo studies for PhD level
• Industrial collaborative projects
• Mentoring approved scientific studies and animal welfare.
• Training faculty and students for applied animal studies

Teaching Research Areas Industrial Research Areas
Toxicology Studies Acute Toxicity Studies (As per OECD Guide Lines)
Analgesic activity Sub-Acute Toxicity Studies
Anti-Pyretic activity Sub-Chronic Toxicity Studies
Anti-inflammatory activity Skin sensitivity testing
Anti-Microbial activity Carcinogenicity (1 G)
Anti-Anxiety activity Comparative study of herbal vs tobacco Cigarettes
Anti depressant activity  
Nootropic Studies  
Nephro-protective activities  
Hepato-protective activity  
Hyperlipdemia Studies  
Anti-diabetic activity  
Wound Healing activity  
Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Studies  
Pharmacokinetic Studies  

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