Faculty Development Programme on ‘Reshaping the Conventional Teaching Ideology’

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A two-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Reshaping the Conventional Teaching Ideology’ was conducted by Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly on 17-18 January. The FDP focused on inducing vibrancy in teaching patterns, methods, and strategies to meet the dynamic expectations of students.

The education system needs to transform in order to provide what is considered desirable in learning and uphold current trends with a focus on the future. In order to understand the existing challenges and find the possible solutions, a knowledge-sharing programme was initiated under the guidance of Professor Prabhakar Gupta (Dean, Academics, SRMS CET, Bareilly). The programme brought together all the new faculty members on one common platform for diverse learning and sharing of enriching experiences. The sessions were conducted on a range of related sub-themes, which looked to add value to the main theme of the FDP. Resource persons from various disciplines came together to discuss and deliberate on how to make teaching attractive to drive student attention and retention.

Open for all the courses, the prime concern of the FDP was to identify and brainstorm strategies for student engagement in the classroom. Dr. Ankita Tandon (Academic Coordinator, FMS, SRMS CET, Bareilly) designed and coordinated the programme with the objective to build instructional competencies and encourage self-mapping strategies among faculty members. The two-day session received overwhelming response and feedback from all the participants.

Some Highlights

17 January 2019

Session by Dr. Prabhakar Gupta

  • Began with a video clip on Chanakya, where he observes a teacher can make or break a nation
  • Meaning of education, curriculum, syllabus, and teaching methods (active, passive, student-oriented, and teacher-oriented)
  • Traits of an ideal teacher
  • The Tower of Hanoi Problem was demonstrated with a practical model
  • Session ended with another video clip on Chanakya
  • Participants were given hand-outs to fill in for later discussion

Session by Mr. Anuj Kumar

Topic: Role of a teacher in making students ‘industry-ready’?
Performance determinants for institutions focusing on imparting professional training

  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Research, consulting, and collaborative performance
  • Graduation outcome
  • Performance in university examination
  • Performance in public examination
  • Performance in placement
  • Perception
  • Teacher’s role in improving employability of engineering graduates
  • As academicians, it is our job to produce ‘food clay’ not beautiful ——
  • Each point explained through a personal experience

Session by Dr. Bindu Garg

Topic: Shifting paradigms

  • Why we shift in to new techniques
  • Workplace expectations
  • Competencies expected from today’s professionals
  • Paradigm shift
  • Form teacher-oriented to student-oriented
  • From didactic system to problem-solving system, from time-based system to competency

Session by Dr. Lalit Singh

Topic: Experience sharing session by new faculty members

  • Started with sharing of personal experiences
  • Interaction with all the new faculty members

Session by Dr. L.S. Maurya

Topic: Exploring the teacher inside you

  • Characteristics of a good teacher
    Real-life situation discussed through an interactive session involving the participants

Session by Mrs. Nazia Parveen

Topic: Instructional planning and self-mapping

  • Explain the contents to students in a simple manner
  • Components of a course
  • Instructional planning and the ability of a teacher to visualize and forecast
  • Basic teaching model
  • Instructional objective-entering behaviors-instructional procedures- performance assessment
  • Need for planning
  • Components of instructional planning
  • Stages of planning
  • Self-mapping
18 January 2019

Session by Mr. Shailendra Deva

Topic: Degenerating moral values among budding professionals

  • Began with a discussion on how schools and teachers are not actively engaging in inculcating moral values in students
  • Parents should try and get involved in developing and nurturing ethical and moral values in children from the very beginning
  • Interactive session on how college teachers should focus on developing values in students

Session by Dr. Rajesh Tyagi

Topic: Transforming the technocrats of today

  • Types of Education: formal, informal, and non-formal
  • Objective of teaching / phases of teaching
  • Experiential Learning Theory
  • Explanatory Learning Theory
  • Stages of Learning: Diverging, Assimilating, Converging, and Accommodation
  • Classroom implications of teaching

Session by Dr. Prabhakar Gupta

Topic: Activity

  • Discussion surrounding the hand-outs filled in by the participants, and summarizing the points:
    o Teacher being motivational and encouraging, and connecting with each and every student
    o Teacher needs to be simple and humble, with clarity of thought and content
    o Personal issues of a teacher should not affect students
    o Teacher should try to be at the level of students to create a relationship that is conducive to learning, among other things

Session by Dr. Jasvinder Singh

Topic: Interactive teaching and learning methods

  • Interactive learning to increase participation
  • Energy shifting exercise – discussion on real-life situations in the form of group debates
  • Problem-based learning
  • Feedback is essential
  • Reasons we do not engage in interactive learning
  • Advantage
  • Buzz Session
  • Films, audiotapes, and videos
  • Effective presentation skills

Session by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Topic: Familiarizing the new members with the academic environment at SRMS

  • 20 years of value-based quality education
  • Departments (CS / Ec / EE / IT / Me / Pharmacy / MBA / MCA / Basic Science)
  • M.Tech. programmes
  • Smart classrooms / library / virtual lecture room
  • Academic planning and monitoring
  • Beyond the curriculum / personality development
  • Value addition programmes
  • Innovation and Incubation Cell – Objectives (short and long term)
  • Student Development Programme
  • Seminars / workshops / guest lectures

Session by Dr. Ankita Tandon

Topic: Realization of contemporary teaching ideas (creative teaching and learning)

  • Video clip from the movie 3 Idiots, followed by discussion on challenges faced by teachers and students
  • Learning Objectives
  • Strategy for student centred learning: strategies set the tone, and role play implemented by grouping in different streams