Patent Details
S.No Name of Faculty Title Patent No
1 Mr. Ritesh Kumar Tiwari Preparation and Charcterization of Floating Microspheres Prepared by Biodegradable Polymer 202211006160A
2 Mr. Ritesh Kumar Tiwari Effects of Multi-Metal Exposure and Their Estimation by Using Various Parameters 202211000246A
3 Dr. Nitin Sharma Herbal Polysaccharide Baded Microparticles for Colon Targeting 202211021709
4 Dr. Shashi Verma Whiff-Haler:Vaporising Your Way to Health 363959-001
5 Saman Aqeel & Aparna Gupta & Rajat Yadav Metallic nanoparticles-based formulation for reduction of associated toxicity and method for preparation thereof 202211048977A

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