Tika Utsav Organized by Pharmquimica Club of SRMS-CET (Pharmacy)

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Pharmquimica club of SRMS-CET (Pharmacy), Bareilly organized an awareness campaign in order to spread awareness about COVID 19 vaccine. Students volunteered various activities in order to make people aware about benefits and needs of vaccinating yourself against this deadly virus. Several posters and pamphlets were circulated and videos were uploaded on various social media platforms including the SRMSCET website. The audience included lab assistants, workshop workers, non-teaching staff and also common public. The awareness program was held on the occasion TIKA UTSAV (11th-14th April 2021). Dean Academics Prof. (Dr.) Prabhakar Gupta, Director of Pharmacy Prof. (Dr.) Lalit Singh, faculty In- Charge Dr. Mohit Gupta, Chairperson of Pharmquimica club Ms. Aqsa Nadeem and other club members attended and participated in the awareness program.

In this awareness drive, students spreaded this message that, “vaccines and childhood immunization are vital practices to protecting yourself, your children, and the entire population from contracting dangerous diseases and from preventing outbreaks and pandemics. Vaccines protect against diseases that have the possibility to become pandemics, and by continuously vaccinating, it is even possible for diseases to become completely eliminated – for example, smallpox and also to reduce the risk of covid; practice social distancing, keep surrounded area hygienic, stay at home, avoid touching face, in the absence of handkerchief sneeze or cough into your elbow, eat healthy and most importantly wear mask.

Vaccination drive is conducting by various vaccination centers in Bareilly including SRMS IMS, Bhojipura, (Bareilly).

“Let us put a stop to these false hoods,”

Social media is awash sometimes with lots of rumors and misinformation. False claims that the recently introduced COVID-19 vaccines impair fertility have been spreading on social media since December but The Director of the WHO of immunization said: ‘The vaccines we give cannot cause infertility . . . and there’s no truth to the rumor.’

It is very important for public health authorities to communicate what is known about vaccines and what its safety profile is.

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