Research Papers (Faculty)

Topic Author CoAuthor Journal
Web-based enterprise Management for distributed heterogeneous computing environment Manvi Mishra Dr. S. S. Bedi CIPEH-2014, (International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-UP Section)
Cluster computing, Grid Computing & Cloud computing: A Taxonomy Rohit Johri Rohit Saxena, Ajeet Kumar, Bishwajeet Kumar ACNIS-2014 (National Conference)
Simulation with assessment in PT software for wireless Network Bishwajeet Kumar Rohit Saxena, Rohit Johri ACNIS-2014 (National Conference)
DDR Based Job scheduling for computational Grid & its variants Shailesh Saxena Dr. Ravinder Singh, Dr. Zubair Khan IJIACS, Vol 3, Issue 9, Nov. 2014
A Comparative Study of the Various Genetic Approaches to solve Multi Objective Optimization Problems Ankur Kumar Anuj Kumar, Rohit Saxena ICICT-2014, (International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-UP Section)
Hierarchical Model for Load Distribution in Grid Environment Ankur Kumar Rohit Saxena, Anuj Kumar, Shailesh Saxena ICIIS-2014, (International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-MP Section)
Distributed & Grid Computing : An Analytical Computing Rohit Saxena Ankur Kumar, Shailesh Saxena, Anuj Kumar IJIRCST, vol 2, Issue 5, sep 2014
Visual Cryptography Ankita Saxena ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
Intrinstic vision of image processing Ankita Saxena Vinay Rishiwal ICSCTET 2014
Trusted Network for Aerial Vehicles Divya Gupta Meenakshi Pathak ICICT-2014,(International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-UP Section)
A survey on Impact of word sense ambiguity on search engine’s performance Arti Mishra Meenakshi Pathak ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
A Review Paper on Need and Issues of Information Security in Distributed Network Meenakshi Pathak Vandana, Arti Mishra, Uma Bhatnagar ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
Enhanced Computational algorithm of Binary division by Computational Method Vandana IJCA (July – 2014 edition)
Application of Graph Theory in Computer Science and engineering Vandana IJCA (October –2014 edition)
Comparison of simulations and emulation tools Arti Mishra ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
Service Oriented Architecture: challenges and concept Shikha Arya Manisha Yadav IJARCSSE
Distance Bounding in VANET Shikha Arya Vishal Bhardwaj ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
How to ensure the availability of communication channel for event driven messages in VANET Kirti Shukla Amit Shukla CSNT-2014 (International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-MP Section
A congestion control algorithm: To improve dissemination of event driven messages in VANET Kirti Shukla Amit Shukla SCNDS-2014 (National Conference sponsored by AICTE &TEQIP-I )
Securing communication channel from beacon messages in VANET Amit Shukla Kirti Shukla RTSER-2014 (National Conference)
Time and frequency analysis of epilepticseizure in EEG Nazia Parveen Shaheen Naz, Noore Zohra AEPECE-2014 (International Conference Sponsored by IEEE-UP Section)
Low Power VLSI Design Neha Thakur Deepak Kumar IJEECSE, Aug 2014
Parametric Analysis of Various SRAM topologies Neha Thakur Akanksha Singh IJARCET, May 2014
Bit True Simulation to determine the world length using VHDL Neha Thakur Shilpa Saxena ICAEECE, June 2014
A new stability criterion for fixed point digital filters with salination arithmetic in presence of external disturbance Shiva Jaiswal Smiriti Shubhanand “IJSHRE, June 2014,
Fully Dynamic Latched CMOS comparator for flash A/D convertor Smiriti Shubhanand Shiva Jaiswal “IJSHRE, June 2014,
Application of the window function in the plane wave synthesis technique by using FRFT Rachna Arya   IJARCET, May-2014
Priority based on cost dynamic resource allocation in cloud environment Surender Kumar   IJIRCCE, Sep-2014
Analysis of MOS Capacitor Loaded Annular Ring Micro-strip Antenna Mohit Kumar Devendra Kumar, Surendra Kumar IJMER, Vol-4, Issue-5, May 2014
Reliability and Maintainability analysisof Open Source Software Systems : Jitendra Singh Preeti Pandey IJARCCE, Nov. 2014
Analysis of Multispectral Remote Mohit Kumar   National Conference Organized by MJPRU, Bareilly
Expressing Database Functional Dependencies in terms of Association Rule Bishwajeet Kumar Shreyi Mittal ETMT-2014 (Dev Bhoomi, Dehradun)
Policies to enhance Computer and Network Forensics Bishwajeet Kumar Rakhi Saxena ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
An overview of OPNET Bishwajeet Kumar Ayushi Gaur ACNIS – 2014 (National Conference)
Comparison of power dissipation and delay of two and three stage Voltage Sense Amplifier Smiriti Shubhanand   International Journal of Research in Engg. And Advanced Technology, ISSN 2320-8791, vol 2, Issue 2, 2014
Design of a three stage comparator for High Speed Conversion Using CMOS Technology Smiriti Shubhanand   International Journal of Research in Engg. And Advanced Technology, ISSN 2278-0181, vol 3, Issue 4, 2014
Lossless 3D Biomedical Image Compression using Predictive Coding Technique Manvi Mishra Prabhakar Gupta, Sadhana SAVOIR MANTRANA, 28-29 Nov 2014
Buying on Impulse-In case of Daily offers through group Websites Sumit Saxena   National Seminar on Redefining the Marketing Strategies in Era of Globalization, Nov 2014
A Study on Social Media it’s role in Social Marketing with Reference to Delhi Traffic Power on Facebook Sumit Saxena   20th International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, (C-ISSN: 2231-248X, P-ISSN: 2319-2194) in Feb 2014, vol 4, Issue 2
Crop Yield Estimation Model for Agricultural Land Surendra Kumar Mohit Kumar,Devendra Gangwar ARTEC 2015 (National Conference)
Flood Affected Area Detection Using MATLAB   Mohit Kumar ARTEC 2015
Message display using Wireless Technology Aanchal Pandey,Shubhangi, Vertika, Vibha Devendra Kumar ARTEC 2015
Hand Gesture Recognition Based Robot using Accelerometer Sensor Archika, Surabhi Mittal Surendra Kumar ARTEC 2015
Circuit Simulation Techniques of VLSI Circuits Neha Thakur Shilpa Saxena 1st International Conference on EDIT-2015 at NITTTR Chandigarh
Face Recegnition using PCA Neha Thakur   1st International Conference on EDIT-2015 at NITTTR Chandigarh
Performance Analysis of a Loadless 4T SRAM Cell for different CMOS technology Shilpa Saxena Neha Thakur 1st International Conference on EDIT-2015 at NITTTR Chandigarh
Low Power Non Volatile Spintronic Memory STTRAM- A Review Paper Neha Thakur Shilpa Saxena IJEECSE
Performance & Characterization of emerging wireless communication generations Shilpa Saxena   1st International Conference on EDIT-2015 at NITTTR Chandigarh
Area & power efficient design analysis of 6T SRAM cell layout Shilpa Saxena   “IEEE Conference
Voice Controlled Robot   Shilpa Saxena ARTEC – 2015
Design of Low Pass FIR filters using kaiser Window function with variable parameter(β) Rachana Arya Shiva Jaiswal International Journal of multidisciplinary and current Research ISSN:(2321-3124) March/Aprial2015)
Color Sensing Robot using MATLAB   Shiva Jaiswal ARTEC – 2015 National Conference
Simulation of optical wireless communication tem using MATLAB   Shiva Jaiswal ARTEC – 2015 National Conference