academic infrastucture


  • LECTURE ROOMS-Classes are fully furnished and equipped with the projectors and computer system. Classes have sitting arrangement for more than 60 students.
  • TUTORIAL ROOMS-Tutorial rooms are fully furnished, where tutorials of different subjects are being taken in a group of maximum 20 students so as to ensure the personal attention of teacher on the students through interactive problem solving.
  • PROJECT ROOMS-The Project rooms have been assigned in such a way that the students and their guide can discuss about their project without any disturbance to other students as was the case when the same was being done in labs.

B.Tech Lecture Room pic with studentsComputer Lab for B.Tech Students


SRMSWCET provides modern and sophisticated computing facilities for common use by students. It maintains various labs, like Networks lab, DBMS lab, Artificial Intelligence lab, Digital Image Processing lab, Communication lab, Web-tech lab etc with all the latest versions of the required softwares like, Netsim, Oracle 9i, Prolog, Matlab 2012a, Oral DLL, JDK etc. It has all the paraphernalia for the student to work miracles with cooperation of faculty members. It providers various platforms to work with and inheres in the taste of all manner of working element. The College provides one to one ratio of student to computer with 24 hours Internet access. The labs are equipped with Window7, Core-2 Duo Processors, ample amount of RAM and HDD. The Servers in the labs are connected to 100 Mbps LAN. The labs also have scanners, network dot-matrix printer and network Laser printer in order to provide adequate scanning and printing facilities to students. The computing labs in the school continuously acquire hardware and software in order to keep it up to date with emerging technologies. The labs provide an ambience for students to work in coordination to nurture team spirit and bring out innovative ideas for developing applications. In addition to the common labs, our institute has a specialized project lab focusing on advanced research in computer science & related areas to be implemented as a final year project. Each student has a separate dedicated terminal where project development in areas of her interest is carried out. Labs are equipped with latest hardware & software, catering to respective research areas. Terminals have I7 Processors, and a huge amount of storage space.

Some of the areas in which currently research/projects are being done are

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Computer Graphics & Multimedia
  • Data Warehousing & Mining
  • Database Systems
  • Data Mining & Pattern Recognition
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Scientific Computing & Optimization
  • Soft Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • System Modelling & Simulation
  • System Software
  • Wireless & Mobile Communication

Mechanical Lab Practical
Electrical Lab practical
Microprocessor Lab


The Institute library is well stocked with a collection of more than 15000 books on various topics of various courses running in the Institute along with books/magazines for supplementary reading.

Our Library provides various facilities as:-
i) Inside the library study facility through-

  • Reference books: More than 4000 titles/copies.
  • Journals: National-56, International –
  • E-Journals: AICTE-Springer Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering have a collection of more than 149 e- journals as well as backfiles.
  • Magazines: Different Current Affairs, Technical, Fiction and other issues related 38 national and 05 International Titles.
  • Newspaper: 4 Titles (Hindi), 6 Titles (English)
  • Previous Years Project Reports-More than 200

ii) Outside the library study facility through

  • Book Bank: A student can get a standard book/subject to be issued for full semester.
  • Weekly Issue- All Text books as well as magazines, novels, Text Book CDs.
  • Lending for departmental library.
  • Semester Issue to Faculties.
  • Library has seating capacity of 200 students.
  • Professionally qualified library staff operates the library.
  • The library subscribes to National & International journals & magazines & has the latest education of Encyclopedia, General books, Dictionaries, Thesauruses etc.
  • The library itself has 8 terminals to provide instant interment access. Electronics display & Xerox facilities are also available to the students.
  • Selecting, printed accruing, organizing, maintaining and making accessible a collection of printed and non-printing primary and secondary materials which will support the educational, research, and public service programmers of both students and faculty.

B.Tech Students in Library B.Tech students in library reading section