Research Papers of Faculties (Applied Science)

Topic Author Co Author Journal / Proceedings
Lagrange Space and Generalized Lagrange Space Arising From Metric eσ(x)gij (x, y) + 1c2yiyj Dr Manish Nath Tripathi   International journal of Mathamatical COMBINATORICS
Two pregnaneoligoglycosides from Marsdeniaroylei Vershagupta Alokkumar,AnakshiKhare,Naveen kr. khare National product research,vol 23, sep.2009, 1342-1354
Pregnane and pregnaneteraglycoside from Marsdeniaroylei Vershagupta Naveen kr. khare National product research,vol 25, No.10, 959-973, June2011
Antifilarial efficacy of Hibiscus sabdariffa on lymphatic filarial parasite Brugiamalayi V. Laxmi , V.gupta,K. saxena,G.k. jain Vershagupta Medicinal chemistry research,20; 1594-1602, 2011
First approximate exponential change of finseler metric T.N. PANDEY M.N.TRIPATHI,O.P. PANDEY International journal of mathematical combinatorics, vol.4 ,2013, 31-36
Conformal kropina change of finseler metric T.N. PANDEY M.N.TRIPATHI,O.P. PANDEY Journal of internationalacdemy of physical sciences, vol 17(2) ,2013, 113-121
On four dimensional finsler space T.N. PANDEY M.N.TRIPATHI Journal of rajasthan academy of physical sciences, vol 12(1) , 2013, 1-8
Wavelet based fuzzy inference system for simultaneous identification and quantitation of volatile organic compounds based on saw sensor transients PRASHANT SINGH RDS YADAVA International conference on Swarm, Evolutionary and Meme tic computing,2011
Discrete wavelet transform and principal component analysis based vapor discrimination by optimizing sense-and – purge cycle duration of saw chemical sensor transients PRASHANT SINGH RDS YADAVA National Conference on Computaional Intelligence and signal processing,2012
Enhancing chemical identification efficiency by saw chemical sensor transients through a data enrichment and information fusion strategy- A aimulation study PRASHANT SINGH RDS YADAVA Measurement science and Technology,2013
Quantitative Identification of Volatile Organics by SAW Sensor Transients –Comparative Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Inference and partial-Least-Square- Regression Methods PRASHANT SINGH RDS YADAVA Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,2013
Quantitative recognition of volatile organics by fuzzy inference system based on discrete wavelet transform of SAW sensor transients PRASHANT SINGH RDS Yadava,PrabhaVerma IEEE international Conference on Signal Propagation and Computer Technology, 2014.
A fuzzy-GRNN classifier for chemical vapor identification PrabhaVerma PRASHANT SINGH, RDS Yadava 2nd IEEE International conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks ,2015
Social Realism in the plays of Mahesh Dattani Dr. Nisha Gupta Om nathtrivedi Knowlede News International journal,june 2012
Marginal issues in the Society Om nathtrivedi ManojChaturvedi Research Journal of English language and Literature ,dec 2012
Gender Discrimination in Tara Om nathtrivedi   Ashvamegh the literary flight, march 2013
Gay Relationships in the society Om nathtrivedi   The Criterion: An International Journal in English, nov.2014