Sakshi Srivastava admits that SIP has sharpened her skills and made her industry-ready

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Sakshi Srivastava enrolled for the PGDM program at SRMS IBS because she wanted to develop the presence of mind to handle future professional scenarios with confidence. After completing her SIP with a top name like Reliance Jio, the student of Batch 2016–18 admits that her B-School has lived up to her expectations. “My college has made me ready to take on any situation. I have attended seminars, national conferences, GDPI sessions, and so on, which has taught me to present myself in different situations while staying humble and polite.”

Right Approach for the Internship

That training led to the perfect approach to learn from her internship experience. Since her position was in Lucknow, Sakshi didn’t have to travel far for her internship. But the shift from being a student to a professional was a drastic one. “I worked in the Human Resources domain, my project being on Talent Acquisition. I was working with a team but there were times when I would have to function independently. It took some getting used to in the beginning, but I also relished the challenge and took it as an opportunity to learn.”

Efforts Backed by Solid Support

Sakshi is grateful for the support and motivation from her industry mentor, who made her feel part of the organization. It helped her overcome the challenges she was facing in her day to day functioning and gain from the experience. “I had to generate employee codes, segregate CVs of the employees, and more. I was interacting with professionals on a personal level for the first time and that was initially tough. But my mentor did everything, including sharing her lunch, to make me feel comfortable in the field.”

Immense Learning Experience

After spending almost a year at SRMS IBS, Sakshi is no stranger to new learning experiences every day. She talks about the emphasis given to practical knowledge at her B-School, which also focuses on modern teaching pedagogy like role plays and case studies. She has also benefited from various activities in her college. The learning experience has been further developed through the internship. “I have sharpened some of my skills including multitasking, communication, and teamwork. My people skills have improved. I have learned to present myself better and, importantly, be adaptable for the corporate environment.”