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Arrangement of staff For Free Cataract Camp

This is to bring to your kind information that we are going to organize Free Cataract camp as per the schedule stated below.

You are requested to kindly detail the following staff for above camp.

05/11/2016 : BHILYIA
07/11/2016 : SAHABAD
09/11/2016 : GAHLUIYA
12/11/2016 : NOUGAVA
14/11/2016 : SAIFNI
Support Staff : Optometrist, Pharmacy supervisor, Ward Boy
    Takkan Ahmed Ansari (PRO)
Vineet Verma
Manager Marketing & CR

Arrangement regarding necessary staff for camps.

This is to bring in to your kind consideration that we are going to organize following Camps as per the detail given below. Kindly arrange the following staff for camps.

S.No Dep. Place Date Days Dr Name Support Staff Departure Time
1 Phaco Kiccha 10/11/2016 Thursday Dr Amrita Mishra Optometris, Wasit 09:30
2 IVF Rudrapur 11/11/2016 Friday Dr Ruchika Goel ANU SURI, UMESH 09:00
3 Urology Moradabad 12/11/2016 Saturday Dr Rehan Fareed Khalid 11:00
4 Phaco Bilaspur 15/11/2016 Tuesday Dr Akhil Agarwal Optometris, Yogendra 09:00
5 Cancer Haldwani 16/11/2016 Wednesday Dr Piyush KM Umesh 08:30
6 Cancer Pilibhit 17/11/2016 Thursday Dr Pawan Kumar Raghpendra 09:30
7 Cancer Moradabad 18/11/2016 Friday Dr Ritu Bhutani Khalid 08:30
8 Cardiac Shahjahanpur 18/11/2016 Friday Dr Abhishek Shukla ECG TECH, Male Atendent (B.P) Rishbh 08:30
9 Cancer Bajpur 21/11/2016 Monday Dr Arvind Chauhan Yogendra 09:30
10 Phaco Anola 22/11/2016 Tuesday Dr Akhil Agarwal Optometris, Wasit 09:30
11 Neuro Rudrapur 23/11/2016 Wednesday Dr Kumar Ashish Nitin 09:00
12 Phaco Bisalpur 24/11/2016 Thursday Dr Amrita Mishra Optometris, Harbans 09:30