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Pediatric Oncology is a medical specialty dedicated to caring for children & young adults suffering from cancer. At SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences ((IMS), Bareilly, we’re committed to bringing brighter tomorrow to our little warriors & providing hope & healing to young cancer patients with best possible care & support.

The Pediatric Hemato Oncology Unit at SRMS Hospital is dedicated to treating pediatric cancers with expertise & compassion. However, Pediatric Oncology Unit initiated the treatment of children with cancer in August 2022, with highly skilled team of Pediatric Oncologists, having an expertise in treating complex cancer cases.

Revealing some important details, Dr Sandhya Chauhan, Professor at Department of Pediatrics, SRMS IMS, Bareilly as well as a Certified Trainer in Pediatric Oncology, says, “Every smile we restore is a victory against cancer's challenges. Cancers in children are predominantly genetic in nature or infectious in origin. Every year, India diagnosis & registers nearly 15% of all-new cancer cases in children aged 0-14 years. The most common types include Leukemias, Brain Cancers, Lymphomas & Solid Tumors like Neuroblastoma & Wilms Tumors. However, most childhood cancers can be cured with generic medicines as well as surgery & radiotherapy. At SRMS Hospital, we offer comprehensive range of services like Chemotherapy, Cancer Surgery, Radiotherapy, Leukodepleted Blood Products, Apheresis for Single Donor Platelets etc.”

Explaining further on the importance of early diagnosis & treatments, Dr Sandhya adds, “Early diagnosis consists of components like awareness of symptoms by families & primary care providers; accurate & timely clinical evaluation, diagnosis & stages to which a cancer has spread; evidence-based therapy with tailored supportive care & access to prompt treatment. However, children battling with cancer, after being treated, requires continuous monitoring to keep a check on cancer recurrence & to manage any possible long-term impact of treatment. Also, Ayushman Bharat Scheme of GOI ensures Universal Health Coverage & access to even to the poorest children for treatment.”