Clinical Update

Case of Sacrococcygeal Teratoma Successfully operated in SRMS IMS Hospital


May 2019

Case Summary

2 days baby of Neha Joshi from Pithoragarh.

Child referred to us at day 2 of life with swelling in the sacrococcygeal region. On clinical examination, it was found to have originated from sacrococcygeal region and pushing the rectum and anal canal anteriorly.

MRI done showing sacrococcygeal teratoma with well-demarcated margins and pushing rectum anteriorly.

Child was planned and underwent surgery at day 5 of life. Tumor excised in toto with fine precision and anal sphincter complex was well preserved along with neuromuscular bundle.

Child had uneventful recovery. He was discharged on POD 5. HPE report appears to be mature variety Sacrococcygeal teratoma.