A Dedicated Centre for Cochlear Implant Surgery

SRMS IMS has a functional cochlear implant programme since last few years in which many children have been implanted and rehabilitated successfully which were financially supported by Shri Ram Murti Smarak Trust. This surgery costs Rs 7 lac to 15 lac.

And now, Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly has been recently empanelled by Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech & Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan), AYJNISHD(D) Mumbai, which will fund the implants surgery and rehabilitation of such patients if chosen. SRMS is the first private medical college of the region to be empanelled in this programme. There are very few centres in India which are performing cochlear implant surgery.

What is a Cochlear Implant Surgery?

A cochlear implant is an option for those who have severe hearing loss and no longer helped by using hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses damaged portions of the ear to deliver sound signals to the auditory nerve. It takes time and training to learn to interpret the signals received from a cochlear implant. Within a year of use, most people with cochlear implants make considerable gains in understanding speech.

Who will be benefitted?

Adults and children who are as young as six to 12 months old can benefit from cochlear implants. People who have cochlear implants report improved ability to hear speech without needing visual cues such as reading lips, recognition of everyday environmental sounds, ability to listen in a noisy environment and the ability to find where sounds are coming from.


To be eligible for a cochlear implant, you must have hearing loss that is so severe it interrupts spoken communication, limited benefit from hearing aids as determined by specialized hearing tests, no medical conditions or factors that increase the risks associated with cochlear implants, high motivation to participate in hearing rehabilitation and be part of the hearing world and realistic expectations from the surgery. Results of cochlear implant surgery vary from person to person.

Factors Affecting Outcome

Factors that can affect the outcomes of cochlear implantation include the age when hearing was lost, and the length of time between hearing loss and the cochlear implant surgery. For children, the best results generally occur with getting a cochlear implant at a young age. For adults, the best results are generally associated with a shorter period of profound hearing loss before cochlear implantation. Adults with little or no experience with sound (pre-lingual deafness) tend to benefit less from cochlear implants.

Cost of Surgery

This surgery will be free of cost to the patients it chosen by the doctor as a fit case under scheme.

Services included

  • Screening & pre op investigations
  • Surgery charges, OT charges, Anaesthesia, bed charges, Medicines, investigations, doctor fee etc
  • implant cost
  • Post operative rehabilitation services for 2 years (Audiology, Speech language therapy)

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