SRMSIMS Dental Sciences Department


Department of dental sciences is continuously delivering treatment of international standards in almost all dental specialties including maxillofacial surgeries, motorized root canal treatment, removable orthodontic appliances and high impact resistance dentures.

  • Department is equipped with latest dental equipment and a fully functional prosthetic lab. All the dental procedures are performed with perfection and high level of patient satisfaction.
  • Motorized endodontic treatment is the latest addition to our armamentarium.


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Year 2014:

Grading of Extraction and Its Relationship with Post-operative Pain and Trismus, along with Proposed Grading for Trismus. Sachin Pathak1, Shirin Vashisth2, Saurabh Mishra3, Surendra pratapsingh4, Shalini Sharma5. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2014/8560.44702014 Jun, Vol-8(6): ZC09-ZC11.

Significance of Radiological Variables Studied on Orthopantomogram to Predict Post-Operative Inferior Alveolar Nerve Paresthesia After Third Molar Extraction. Sachin Pathak1, Nitin Mishra2, Madhur Kant Rastogi3, Shalini Sharma4. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2014 May, Vol-8 (5): ZC62-ZC64.