The department of Biochemistry at SRMS IMS is a well developed, well maintained & well equipped department .The department also manages the clinical lab (Clinical Biochemistry) in the hospital where a range of biochemical tests are carried out for the patients .The department also have a fully equipped chemical lab in the department itself for UG & PG students for their day to day chemical analysis according to their syllabus.

The Central Biochemistry Lab at hospital site has Hormone Analyzer, Chemistry Autoanalyzer, Semiauto & Electrolyte analyzer and other highly sophisticated equipments to perform all the tests round o’clock (24 X 7).

Clinical Biochemistry Lab
  • Routine biochemical test and electrolyte measurements.
  • Special diagnostic tests including endocrinology, tumor markers & vitamin-D etc.
  • Serological markers like anti-TPO antibody & others.
Chemical Lab
  • Qualitative & quantitative biochemical analysis for Undergraduate & Postgraduate students as per their curriculum.


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