SRMSIMS Forensic Science Department


The Department of Forensic Medicine provides invaluable help in the Emergency Department by assisting in the medicolegal examination of cases with a legal implication brought to the hospital. Under the able guidance of the faculty and Postgraduates, all cases with legal aspects to the practice of Medicine are taken care of.

The museum of the department is richly stocked with specimens, toxins, photographs, models and charts, giving an instant insight to the student about the functioning of the department. Every visit to the museum has a profound influence on the students mind.

Students are taken to the Government Mortuary in the city on a regular basis for demonstration of Postmortem examination protocols and techniques. Postgraduate students are specifically involved in the district level medicolegal cases in collaboration with the CMO office of Bareilly and are sent on a regular basis for age estimation and examination of cases of sexual offences. The city visit also provides for an opportunity to teach the students about the functioning of the police department.

  • A Highlights, Services Offered : State of the Art Mortuary with updated infrastructure for storage of dead bodies and autopsies, Research laboaratory with equipments for macroscopic examination of articles of Forensic significance and writing of expert opinions, fully fledged facilities for performing examination of clinical forensic medicine.
  • B New Equipment/Procedure/Special Clinics : Recently, the department has acquired state of the art equipments and instruments for smooth and scientific conduction of post mortem examinations of medicolegal and pathological significance.


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Year 2013

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