SRMSIMS Medicine Department


Department of Medicine with core mission of quality patient care, high standard of education and clinical research is the home of diverse group of physician whose professional interest span across acute care, chronic disease management, preventive medicine palliative care and care of elderly patients.

Department is having OPD such as medicine, Cardiology, neurology, gastroenteroly, nephrology, endocrinology along with special clinic for headache, epilepsy, hematology and diabetes mellitus. Department is having 120 beds in medical ward along with HDU, CCU and ICU

  • A workshop on Basic Life Support (BLS) – Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) was conducted on 4th to 6th of January-15, in which 32 students of the institute had hands-on experience and were awarded certificate accredited by American Heart Association (AHA).
  • The department has organized three International Conferences. The third international conference, “Medicine Update” was organized between 13th to 15th March-2015 with the theme “Medicine Today & Futuristic”. 50 faculty of national & international repute gave lectures on various facets of medicine. 36 Poster & 25 Oral papers were presented by participants of various colleges.
New tests/procedures in Department
  • RNST – Rapid Nerve Stimulation Test
  • Video EEG


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Research Articles Accepted for Publication

Mowar AB, Gupta S, Yadav N, Gupta A, Chaudhary A, Joshi SC, Nigam P, Nagpal AC : “Clinical profile of Plasmodium vivax malaria” (Article Ref. No.: 2819/14/J/DGJ) : JIACM

Gupta S, Dhingra B, Mowar AB et al : Kala Azar in Uttarakhand A study : online Journal of Health & sciences.

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