Since its inception in the year 2005, the Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery has made rapid strides. The department has been providing care to the needs of ENT patients in general as well as imparting highly specialized tertiary services. The department has a well-equipped audiology and neuro-otology to lab carrying out various investigations like audiometry, impedence audiometry, brain stem evoked response audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, electronystagmography etc. Rehabilitation in the form of hearing aids and speech therapy is provided to the patient under care of trained audiologist and speech therapist. Neonatal screening program is being carried out in the department. Moreover, the department is actively participating the National Deafness control program.

The department is carrying out all kinds of routine and tertiary level surgeries which include microscopic ear surgeries, functional endoscopic sinus surgeries and micro-laryngeal surgeries. The department has become a centre of excellence for head and neck cancer surgeries. This assumes great importance as head and neck cancer is common in this region.

The department has fully functional endoscopic facilities using ENT Video endoscope and sets of ventilating bronchoscopes and esophagoscopes. The highly advanced surgical equipments include Medtronic Microdebrider, Indigo Drill, Carl Zeiss Microscopes, Karl Storz endoscopic sets etc.

The Vth North Zone Conference of ENT Surgeons (NZAOICON) was organized by the department in December 2012. The Ist Hands on Sinus Surgery course was conducted in November 2015. This along with a Temporal Bone Dissection Course is proposed to be conducted annually which will help Residents from our institute as well as other Medical Institutes in this part of the Country.

To add to the list of academic achievements the 28th Annual Conference of All India Rhinology Society was organized by the department from November 27-29, 2015 where 6 prominent International Faculty apart from the National Faculty deliberated and was attended by around 300 delegates from around the country.

The department with the aid of SRMS trust has started ‘Cochlear Implant’ program which is not available as of yet in western UP. This will go a long way in helping Hearing Impaired children at a low cost.


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