Head & Neck Oncosurgery

In SRMS IMS, Department of ENT & Head Neck Surgery provides comprehensive, highly-personalized surgical treatment of patients with benign and malignant tumours of the salivary glands, nose and paranasal sinuses, tongue, oral cavity(lips, gums, and soft and hard palates), larynx, and thyroid. The program’s philosophy of patient-cantered care includes respect for each patient’s values, preferences and expressed needs; the coordination and integration of care; communication and education; physical comfort and emotional support; and the involvement of family and friends in the treatment and recovery process.

Head and neck tumors include those of the mouth, throat, sinuses/nasal cavity, larynx, thyroid, and skull base. Some head and neck tumors are benign, while others are malignant.

Cancerous tumors must be treated promptly to reduce their chances of spreading (metastasizing) to other organs. Benign masses are not cancerous but can be serious if they impact nerves or place pressure in the head and neck and are therefore often removed surgically.

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Our Goal

The program’s goal is the eradication of cancer with a minimum of side effects for the patient. Patients have immediate access to multidisciplinary expertise including oncologic and reconstructive surgery, radiation therapy, oral surgery, pathology, speech therapy, voice restoration and nutrition services. Following the removal of large tumors, we offer the possibility of immediate reconstruction by reconstructive surgeons with attention to both function and cosmetic considerations using specialized procedures and services for the repair of facial and head/neck deformities resulting from tumour removal and skin cancer excision. Use of microvascular free-tissue transfer allows them to reconstruct the most complex of secondary facial defects, with the goal of achieving maximal restoration and improving patients’ self-confidence.

Our Team

The program’s team of specialists has expertise in all aspects of cancer care. All cases are evaluated and discussed by a multidisciplinary Head and Neck Tumour Board.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Chauhan

Dr Rohit Sharma
Professor & HOD
Head & Neck Surgery Department

Dr. Ayush Garg

Dr Vineet Sharma
Head & Neck Surgery Department

Dr. Pavan Kumar Mehrotra

Dr Amit Kumar Rana
Asistant Professor
ENT, Head & Neck Surgery Department