Neuro Science

Neuro Surgery & Trauma unit at SRMSIMS is an advanced and one point centre of this region for all kind brain and spine surgeries, cancer surgeries including accident/trauma surgeries. Department of neuro surgery is being proficiently run by qualified and vastly experienced team of Neuro Surgeons for last 12 years. The department is endeavoring to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment facilities to all. Well qualified and trained nursing and paramedical staff ensures protocol based quality care of the patients in ward, OT and ICU.

Our Team

We provide comprehensive and complete neuro surgical solution with
dedicated team of neuro surgeons along with neurologist and ICU intensivists.

  • Dr. Shashank Sah, M.Ch. (Neurosurgery), Senior Neuro Surgeon with more than 15 years of experience
  • Dr Kumar Ashish, M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)

Surgical Services

  • Emergency Surgeries – Traumetic Intracranial Haematoma, Hypertensive Bleed/ Haematoma, Chronic SDH, Depressed Skull Fracture, CSF Rhinorrhoea, Spinal injuries requiring instrumentation
  • Elective Surgeries – Brain Tumors, Spinal Tumors and Disc Surgeries
  • Infections – Pott’s spine, Brain Abscess
  • Hydrocephalus – VP Shunt, ETV
  • Congenital malformation like Hydrocephalus, Meningocoel, Meningomyelocoel, Emcephalocoel etc.
  • Endoscopic spine surgery and micro-discectomy

Trauma Team

Incampus round the clock availability of team of cardiologist, nephrologist & uro surgeon, gastroenterologist & GI surgeon, plastic & vascular surgeon, surgical & radiation oncologists, general surgeons, pulmologists, ophthalmologists, head & neck surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, microbiologists, orthopaedician, obst & gynaecologists, & senior physicians ensuring quick response in case of any emergency situation.

Modular OT

All Neuro Surgical emergencies of brain including trauma are handled and done successfully with the help of world class microscope and endoscope in dedicated modular OT.

World Class ICU

All critically injured and post-op patients are kept in World class ICU accredited by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM). These patients are served in ICU under the close observation of dedicated team of critical care intensivists who are all time prepared to deal with any kind of emergent situation.

Blood Bank

Round the clock provision of all sorts of blood & blood products (PRBC, FFP, RDP etc) with most advanced & upgraded blood bank in this region provides confidence in dealing high risk emergencies.

Advanced Diagnostics

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. We have some of the best medical equipment and technology in our hospital for better neuro diagnosis.

  • 3T MRI machine
  • 128 Slice Dual Source CT scan
  • Trans-cranial Doppler
  • EEG (Electroencephalography) Machine
  • BERA: Brainstem evoked response audiometry
  • NCV, VEP
  • EMG (Electromyography)
  • SLEEP Lab
  • PET / SPECT and integration with CT in SRMS at Lucknow centre.

BRAIN/SPINE TUMOR PACKAGE Package – I (Minor & Moderate) 14990 /-
Package – II (Minor & Moderate) 19990 /-
Package – III (Major with 2 days ICU) 24990 /-

Scope of Services

Head Injuries, Trauma Surgery, Spinal Injuries, Brain and Spinal Tumors, Hydrocephalus, Vascular Diseases, Degenerative Diseases, Brain Haemorrage, Endoscopic Surgeries Including Opticnerve Decompression, Pituary Surgery, C.V. Malformation, Brain Abscess, Congenital Cerebral & Spinal Malformation, Neuralgia, Spinal Block, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Post Spine Nbrain, Digital Substraction Angiography, Caratid Block Occlusion.