Obstetrics and Gynecology

Leaders in the region for complicated cases related to High risk pregnancies and infertility treatment. The institute is bringing IVF & ET centre with laser assisted hatching for infertile couples. Apart from all regular work, It’s a first centre in this region to inatiate surgeries in gynae super supecialty like Urogynaeoncology, Gynae oncology and Gynae endoscopic surgeries. The department is offering several advanced facilities such as Colposcopy, internal monitoring with Cardiotocography, and Follicular studies.

Scope of Services

Normal Delivery, Caesarian & High Risk Delivery, Painless Delivery, in Vitro Fertilization, IUI, Cancer Screening/Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hysterectomy, Gynae Endocrinology, Colposcopy, Intranatal Monitoring with Cardiotopography, Follicular Studies, Laproscopy and Urogynaecology, Cervical & Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Special Clinics

Ante-natal Clinic, High Risk Pregnancy, Post Natal Clinic, Infertility, Family Planning & Welfare Clinic, Cancer Screening Clinic, Menopausal Clinics