Clinical Update

Kidney Cancer-operated Laparoscopically at SRMS IMS


Left Localised Renal Cell Carcinoma with Hematuria with DM with HTN


Laparoscopic Left Radical Nephrectomy under general anesthesia


Date of Admission: 27 May, 2019
Date of Operation: 28 May, 2019
Date of Discharge: 31 May, 2019

Case Summary

A female patient with 75 years of age with diabetic and hypertensive came to the OPD with complaints of blood in urine and left sided flank pain for the last 3 months. The physical examination was normal. Ultrasonography was suggestive of left lower pole kidney tumor. Contrast-enhanced CT was done which showed left lower pole kidney tumor around 50x50x30 mm with no sinus fat or perinephric extension, no lymphadenopathy, no renal vein or ivc thrombus and no metastasis. All routine blood parameters were found to be within normal limits except hemoglobin which was 9.1 gm/dl. The patient was admitted and operated for laparoscopic left radical nephrectomy successfully in the next morning. The patient was discharged on postoperative day-3 satisfactorily and doing well. Her histopathology came out to be clear cell carcinoma of kidney stage pT1 bNx with all margins free and furhman grade 2.