S. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. M.S. Butola Principal Chairman 9412738655 dean@srmsims.ac.in
2 Dr. R. P. Singh Medical Superintendent Member 9412761868 rajendrapal.singh@srmsims.ac.in
3 Dr. Rohit Sharma Dean PG Member 9458702297 rohit.sharma@srmsims.ac.in
4 Dr. Neelima Mehrotra Dean UG Member 9458702291 neelima.mehrotra@srmsims.ac.in
5 Dr. Rahul Kumar Goyal HOD Microbiology Convener of Anti-Ragging Committee 9458702210 rahul.goyal@srmsims.ac.in
6 Dr. Krishan Gopal HOD Anatomy Member 9458702263 krishna.gopal@srmsims.ac.in
7 Dr. P.K. Pardal HOD Psychiatry Member 9458702266 PAVANKUMAR.PARDAL@srmsims.ac.in
8 Dr. Tanu Agarwal HOD Pathology Member 9458702202 TANU.AGARWAL@srmsims.ac.in
9 Dr. Rajeev Tandon Professor Respiratory Medicine Member 9458705910 rajeev.tandon@srmsims.ac.in
10 Dr. Jaswinder Singh HOD Forensic Medicine & Proctor Member 9458704848 jaswinder.singh@srms.ac.in
11 Dr. Manoj Gupta HOD Biochemistry Member 9458701447 drmanoj15.gupta@gmail.com
12 Dr. Huma Khan Warden PG Girls Hostel & Proctor Member 9458701485 HUMA.KHAN@srmsims.ac.in
13 Dr. Anand Gautam Jadhao Asso. Prof.,Physiology Member 9458701559 anandgautam.jadhao@srmsims.ac.in
14 Dr. Vaanika Warden Girls Hostel Member 7027939933 vaanika1000@gmail.com
15 Dr. Abhinav Pandey Warden Boys Hostel Member 9458706630 abhinav.pandey@srmsims.ac.in
16 Mr. Ajeet Saxena Manager HR Member 9412290127 ajeetsrmsbly@rediffmail.com
17 Mr. Vineet Sharma Office Superintendent Member 9458701640 info@srmsims.ac.in

The duties of the Anti-Ragging Committee include but are not limited to –:

    (i) Overall monitoring of Anti-Ragging activities of the medical college or institution;
    (ii) Ensuring compliance with the provisions concerning ragging both of these regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force;
    (iii) Monitoring the activities of the Anti-Ragging Squad;
    (iV) Investigate reports of ragging, if any, or approve committees formed for this purpose;
    (v) Make suggestions for improvement of measures taken by the medical college or institution for prohibiting and preventing ragging.
    (vi) To publicize to all students, the prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulging in ragging.
    (vii) To organize joint sensitization programs for fresher’s and seniors.
    (viii) Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
    (ix) To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and complaints/ distress calls.
    (x) To take all necessary measures for prevention of Ragging inside the campus/Hostels.
    (xi) The committee will meet quarterly and whenever needed, record the minutes of meeting and take necessary actions.