Being one of the most active departments in the institute is no easy job. Unpredictable deliveries, exsanguinating emergencies, unearthly work hours – all are handled with ease and expertise by a team of dedicated doctors.

The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has established itself as one of the leaders in the region for complicated cases related to High risk pregnancies and infertility treatment. With the advent of the harmonic scalpel, laparoscopic surgeries have been initiated as a first in the region.

  • Several special clinics are being run, namely, High Risk pregnancy clinic, Cancer screening/Hormone Replacement therapy/Menopausal clinic, Infertility & Endocrinology clinic and Family Welfare clinic.
  • In addition to the hectic undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes, the department also offers several advanced facilities to the patients such as Colposcopy, Intranatal monitoring with Cardiotopography, Follicular studies, Laparoscopy and Urogynaecology.
  • A world class IVF & ICSI centre has been established, first in this region, the results of which are very encouraging.


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