SRMSIMS opthomology Department


The department of Ophthalmology at SRMS is the leader in the region for the largest number of Cataract surgeries performed as well as the use of the most advanced premium intra ocular lens implants done under topical anesthesia i.e. popularly known as “no needle Cataract Surgery” where the patient goes home in two hours of the operation. Among IOLs, multifocal implants offering the patient youthful spectacle free vision is a well known highlight of the advanced Cataract surgery option the department beasts of.

  • The IOL master offers most accurate pre operative calculation of IOL power Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an advanced diagnostic imaging technology used in the department for diagnosis and follow up of retinal, Optic nerve and anterior segment eye diseases. Fundus digital camera allows retinal angiography & photography to be done. The Humphrey field analyser (HVF) offer static perimetry analysed for glaucoma and neurological disorder.
  • Applanation tonometry, direct & indirect Ophthalmoscopy, biometry by IOL master, highly advanced dedicated Operation theatre with laminar flow, RO for scrubbing, highend microscopes, phaco machines and wet lab, etc, are other highlights of the department.
  • The department also runs the only eye bank in this region equipped with a specular microscope and serves the needs of the corneally blind in the society functioning 24X7.
  • Laser surgeries for the secondary Cataract, glaucoma and retina and services to pediatric eye diseases, trauma management, squint & oculoplasty, orbital disorder vitro retinal surgeries, contact lenses, optical dispensing are routinely performed.
  • The department is hosting a conference in the Institute on 28th & 29th of May 2016 “DRISHTICON 2016” under the aegis of the UP State Ophthalmological Society. This Conference is an amalgamation of speakers of international repute, line imageries and showcased research work.


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