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Radiation Oncology department of SRMS IMS matches high end technologies of London, New York and brings best treatment options to the region

The Radiation Oncology department of SRMS IMS came into being in 2007 with the aim of offering affordable high-quality cancer treatment to patients in the region. Since treatments began in 2008 the department has become the leading center in the geographical belt leading up to Delhi and beyond. Living up to its slogan “London, New York ka ilaaj Bhojipura mein” SRMS IMS brings cutting edge technologies and treatments on par with the best in the world to the remote parts of the country. Medical excellence has no boundaries and its Radiation Oncology department is a shining testament to it.

Access to the latest technologies

Radiation Oncology treatments have evolved over the years with the advent of new techniques and equipment available at the best centers in New York and London. Interestingly, they are available to patients not just in India, Uttar Pradesh, the city of Bareilly but in the village of Bhojipura. SRMS IMS deserves credit for making Intensity Modulated Radio Therapy and Image Guided Radio Therapy options accessible to patients. The department also boasts of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy and all types of Brachytherapy treatments that are making waves in the field internationally.

Gaining wider reach

The latest in radiotherapy treatment, Linear Accelerator with its latest version TrueBeam is nothing short of a marvel to behold in Bhojipura. With its cutting edge treatment options, SRMS IMS has gained trust of a wider populace, many coming for treatments from the megapolises in the country. In just over a decade, the Radiation Oncology department of SRMS IMS has treated over 15,000 patients. Dr. Piyush Kumar Agarwal, Radiation Oncologist, Professor and HOD is a product of SGPGI, Lucknow. He believes SRMS IMS outshines the leading center in the capital of Uttar Pradesh by far and is a force to reckon within 500 km range up to Delhi.

Affordable treatment for all

With the availability of high-end equipment and technologies, one would imagine cancer treatment costs skyrocket as is seen in some of the top hospitals in NCR region. However, the ground reality is very different and more appealing to patients with limited resources. The treatments at SRMS IMS cost them 50% less than what they would be expected to pay in the big cities in the country. Hence, it’s not surprising to see patients, who get their surgeries done in Delhi and Mumbai make their way to Bhojipura for radiotherapy. As a radiotherapy center, it has definitely challenged the might of Apollo, Fortis, Medanta and the likes.

Gained trust brings International fame

Top quality treatment at affordable rates has brought SRMS IMS admirers from all quarters. It has gained trust of the apex institute of India – Tata Memorial Hospital, which has included it on its panel. Their patients from the region are referred to SRMS IMS for Radiotherapy treatment. The department’s fame has reached foreign shores through word of mouth credit from patients and families as well as the reach of social media. It means doctors field calls of inquiries from patients from all over the world. But at its heart, the Radiation Oncology department remains dedicated to bringing treatment options on par with the best in the world to the patients of the region.