The Department of Radiodiagnosis has a long tradition of excellence in both diagnostic and educational activities. We are guided by the mission to maintain excellence in education, research and time and can find illness early – which can be treated most effectively. The department has state-of-the-art advanced equipments – two CT scans, 128 slice dual source and 32 slice spiral CT scans for all advanced imaging and angiography studies including cardiac angiography, 3 Tesla wide bore MRI and one 1.5 T (Vario, 18 Channel, Siemens). The department has experienced and dynamic team of radiologists and technician providing diagnostic and interventional support round the clock.

  • The department has state-of- the- art advanced imaging equipment Digital radiography-Two units, out of which one is mobile for inpatients services.
  • Computerised Radiography.
  • Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Two CT scans: one 128 slice dual source and another 32 slice spiral CT Scan.
  • One 3 Tesla wide bore MRI (Vario, 18 Channel, Siemens)
  • Color Doppler ultrasounds including advanced system like Acuson S-2000 with easy touch, virtual touch imaging and quantification electrography.
  • 2 digital radiography units, one CR Unit, Five static X-Ray units including one Digital Fluoroscopy, Five mobile X-rays , One Mammography Unit, one dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for bone mineral density (BMD) and one laser unit for non surgical treatment of Varicose veins.


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