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Shaping doctors with skill, ethics and compassion at SRMS IMS

SRMS IMS has gained its reputation as a premier healthcare center thanks to its state of the art treatment facilities, which offer access to cutting edge technologies to patients at affordable rates. Its endeavors are followed through by doctors, who are not only vastly experienced and skilled but also understand the value of compassionate care for patients. That philosophy is reflected in training of doctors at its renowned institute. We look at the Radiation Oncology department, which at present has five senior residents and 17 students in all, who are being molded into doctors with a strong sense of ethics.

Combination of clinical skills and values

Dr. Piyush Kumar Agarwal, Radiation Oncologist, Professor and HOD helms the department that has made a name for itself, not only in the region but all over the country. He realizes the importance of being a role model to his students. He asserts that leading by example means always practicing ethically. That forms the crux of the learning experience at SRMS IMS. “While it’s important to help students get proficient with clinical skills it is absolutely vital to teach them the psychological aspects and values of ethics. We want them to go out there and not just treat patients but be ethical professionals, who care,” he says warmly.

Shaping doctors with compassion

At SRMS IMS there is a firm belief that strong human connections with patients go a long way in seeing successful treatments. Building a bond with the patients, understanding what they are going through are lessons that students learn during the course of their programs. Interestingly these attributes are now being scientifically incorporated in the graduation course of MBBS. The AETCOM module focusses on Attitude, Ethics and Communications, which are now considered vital skills for healthcare professionals. At SRMS IMS they have been inculcated in future doctors by seniors, who lead from the front with their compassion.

Future ambassadors from across the country

Given its reputation, it is not surprising to see SRMS IMS attracts students from all over the country. The Radiation Oncology department is presently honing the skills of students from Andhra Pradesh, the North East, Kashmir and more. The cultural diversity on the campus creates an enriching learning environment but also a unique responsibility for those at helm. Dr. Agarwal believes the onus lies with faculty members to ensure that when students leave the institute they are on par with the best. “They cannot be lacking compared to doctors trained at AIIMS. They have to be strong in knowledge and mental strength,” he adds. And thus they become glorious ambassadors for SRMS IMS with skills and values held close to their hearts.