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Shri Dev Murti, Chairman SRMS Trust shared a few words of wisdom ‘White Coat Ceremony’

Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences (SRMS IMS), Bareilly conducted a prestigious ‘White Coat Ceremony’ for the students of MBBS 2022 batch on December 13, 2022, wherein the whole batch of students were distributed with white coats, and took Charaka Shapath (Oath), signifying their entrance into the medical profession.
During the joyous occasion, Shri Dev Murti, Chairman SRMS Trust shared a few words of wisdom, which were truly inspiring, illuminating and motivating for everyone. In his address to medical students and dignitaries, he remarked, “Cracking the Neat exam and becoming a doctor are two separate challenges, and one must strive hard to excel in his/her profession. The White Coat ceremony is the beginning of your medical career, and you all must take each day as an opportunity. As budding doctors, you must emphasize upon the importance of the human side of medicine, and integrate it into the science and technology of medical practice.” Adding further, he highlighted upon the importance of conceptual and logical thinking; taking concrete actions; having an aim, desire and craving to achieve desired goals; importance of time management; facing and overcoming challenges; facing fears and failures; realizing your mistakes; possessing boldness, confidence, knowledge and common sense; showing commitment, dedication and honesty; grabbing opportunities; willingness to take risk; working with perfection; having leadership qualities; spreading happiness; attaining victory; believing in God and respecting your parents and elders, which remained the highlights of the ceremony, and were essential takeaways from his words of wisdom.

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