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SRMS Contouring Classes

The two day workshop of SRMS-IMS Contouring Classes was organized by Dept. of Radiotherapy on 12 & 13 November 2016. The topic was “Contouring of pelvic malignancies”. The workshop aims to teach various radiation oncologists about the latest radiotherapy techniques which they have brought last year. The guest faculty Dr. Shalini Singh, Add. Professor, SGPGI, Lucknow was invited for this workshop.

Dr. Piyush Kumar, Professor & Head of Department was course coordinator. Faculty and residents from S.N Medical College (Agra), AMU (Aligarh), KGMU (Lucknow), and Faridkot attended this workshop.

This workshop is unique and first of its kind in whole India where the delegates have been given 10hrs of hands on training on treatment planning systems. The treatment planning system is a computer with latest software which is used for planning latest techniques like 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT.

This workshop provided hands on experience and exposure of such emerging advanced technologies for cancer treatment in radiation therapy to participants and monitoring was conducted by eminent faculty. The workshops were preceded by lectures and video presentations from invited faculty. Workshop participants also discussed current guidelines pertaining to pelvic malignancies with a focus on diffusion of new technologies into oncology practice. Evidence on the use of these technologies and potential strategies to assess the value and define optimal use of new technologies in cancer treatment were also discussed.

The department of radiotherapy has set a new milestone in SRMS-IMS of not only educating this latest technology to their P.G students but also to those faculty and residents of different medical colleges who do not have this technology. This training will help these delegates to become aware to this latest technology so that they can bring this technology to their centers and practice.