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SRMS IMS and National Geographic tie up for Photography Club

SRMS IMS, the medical college run by the SRMS Trust has tied up with National Geographic for its photography club. National Geographic is renowned for the quality of photographs its publications carry and is in fact regarded as the gold standard in still photography.

Photography as an art and skill is a very rewarding pursuit. It helps to capture life and its moods, storing those moments for immortality. For the person indulging in this, photography also proves to be a great stress reliever, which is where the medical angle comes in! This is shown by the fact that we just cannot even think about our all-consuming problems while trying to focus patiently on a beautiful butterfly, bird, flower, graceful curves of a majestic mountain, or the dimples of a smiling baby!! The extent to which photography stokes a person’s imagination is also unmatched.

The IMS Aperture Club has been established in collaboration with National Geographic with the goal to provide encouragement, camaraderie and educational programs that will motivate budding photographers to improve their skills. The aim is to develop a platform to experiment, discover, and interact with others who share a similar love and interest for photography. Members gain access to the Club’s on campus darkroom, informative workshops, club gallery exhibitions, photography related trips, and much more! Aperture Club is a community that is passionate about learning and exploring the art of photography, and helping people notice things around them that they perhaps would have missed altogether.