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Vitreo Retinal Eye surgery refers to a group of procedures that are done deep inside the eye’s interior. This part of the eye is where the vitreous and retina are found, making vitreoretinal surgeries highly delicate. The purpose of a vitrectomy is to restore, preserve and improve vision for a wide range of conditions, including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and detached retinas.
Taking note of this, it’s important to mention that SRMS Medical College, Bareilly is the only medical college in Rohilkhand Region with the state-of-the-art facility for treatment of all retinal diseases, and has the facility of advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgery available.
On the similar lines, Dr Kunwar Gaurav Singh, a Consultant Vitreo Retina, MS, FVRS, in Department of Ophthalmology at SRMS Hospital Bareilly, recently performed a Vitreo Retinal Surgery of a 60 year old patient, Bano, a resident of a village near Haldwani, which went successful.
Speaking about the surgery, Dr Kunwar Gaurav Singh shares, “This 60-year-old patient was unlucky to not get a timely treatment for branch retinal vein occlusion in her eye. The disease progressed to complications with neo-vascularization and vitreous hemorrhage, and she became totally blind in this one eye. At this stage, she reached out to multiple medical centers nearby Haldwani, and also in Bareilly, but for some reason, she could not get a vitreo retinal surgery done. She remained untreated for two more years, and during this period, her condition worsened with new complications being generated. It was then she visited SRMS Bareilly in October this year, and was immediately taken up for surgery with plans to deal with all the possible complications. Her surgery went uneventful, and she got good results. Now she is recovering and still improving under our supervision with all the state-of-art technologies available here.”
Sharing the feedback of the surgery and treatment, 60-year-old Bano’s grandson, Saif Ansari, says, “My grandmother was suffering from eye disease and related complications for the past 2 years, for which, she got several treatments done in Haldwani and Bareilly. She also got cataract surgery done in that one eye, but lost the vision gradually and completely. A few days back, we visited SRMS Hospital Bareilly, where her surgery of one eye that lost its vision, was done. After surgery, her condition not only improved, but she regained her vision, and her condition is improving day by day. I am really thankful for this to the doctors at SRMS Bareilly.”

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