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World Cancer Day at SRMS IMS

Department of Radiation Oncology has a tradition of celebrating World cancer day every year on 4th February. Cancer survivors of more than 5 years treated in our department were facilitated in the grand event. Videography of the survivors was done at their home in which they mentioned their journey and how they battled out cancer and emerged as winner. The event was organized in the Alakhnanda Resort where survivors and their family members were invited. The event was started with a video being played of all the survivors and then our survivors were felicitated with plant sapling and a clock given by Hon’ble Chairman Shri Dev Murti. A health card was given to all survivors where they their four family members will get 10% discount on any health care service used in hospital. A play was organized by the residents of department to create awareness and remove myths among people regarding cancer and they sent a message in society that cancer is curable. The event was followed by lunch and a photo session. The marketing team played a very important role in organizing this grand event. Faculty, residents and staff members contributed in making this event a grand success.