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Experts from Softpro India Computer Technologies offer students insight into the world of Python language and its practical applications

Experienced professionals from Softpro India Computer Technologies (P) Ltd were on the campus for a two day workshop for the benefit of future engineers at SRMS CET, Bareilly. It was an initiative jointly conducted by departments of CS and IT, and it sought to help students understand the nuances and benefits of Python language. It also created a platform to interact with professionals from the field and learn from their experiences.

Softpro India Computer Technologies (P) Ltd is one of leading software companies in the country. It is empanelled with UPDESCO to facilitate software development in government departments across the state of Uttar Pradesh. Hence it was a huge opportunity to have experienced professionals from the company, Mr. Brijesh Mishra and Mr. Rohit Kumar impart valuable knowledge to the students of the college.

They began the two day workshop by offering an overview of Python language. They ensured that their lectures were interactive so that the students could gain from them as much as possible. They also did their best to keep things simple and relatable for the benefit of students. The second day of the workshop involved two sessions and took students deeper into the world of Python language and its applications in industry today.

Web server support and configuration, development of Web layout and SQL commands were covered in the first session. The second session revolved around the use of GET and POST methods for passing information, database handling in python development of registration and login modules. The students realized the simplicity and applications of Python today and gained tremendously from the experience. The experts on their part were impressed with their ability to assimilate information and gain knowledge from the sessions.

Opening Ceremony

Timings: 09:15am – – 9:30 am

MOC: Ms. Vagisha Ahuja

09:15 – 09:18am Welcome of the House by MOC
09: 18-09:20am Deep Prajwalan and Saraswati Vandana
09:20 – 09:22am Presentation of Plant to to Softpro Officials
09:22 – 09:27am Introduction of Workshop & Softpro official by MOC
09:27 – 09:30am Vote of Thanks by Mr. L. S. Maurya