As Chairman of your Alma Mater, I have always been extremely proud of your achievements.

In fact, each one of us is. SRMS has developed by leaps and bounds since you graduated from your Alma Mater. Keeping hard work, sincerity and disciplines in the core of our operations, we have tried to inculcate these values in each one of you and your juniors at SRMS.

You are aware that the degree of competitiveness in professional education has changed in last ten years, for good. It is the essence of the change and striving for quality that drives the institutional resources and processes towards the journey of excellence. The Engineering, Management, Medical and Pharmacy educations needs lots of valuable inputs from industries to maintain its relevance within the changing socio-economic scenarios. Further, the qualities of intake in various courses are also very important to ensure the effectiveness and efficiencies in the academics of the institutions. With the growth, there are massive challenges before your alma mater and we need your support to have the flag of SRMS flying high- steadily.

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