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The visit was started with a brief introduction of BL Agro Industries at B-13, Training, and placement center. Mr. Rajendra shukla, Head Training and placement center regulated the whole visit with their team members. Following 3 Plants were visited under this whole industrial visit-
1. B-31 Plant
2. B-4 Plant
3. RLRC Lab
The students learnt about following key points –
1. Different branches and plants of BL Agro, Industries
2. About different Brands and products of BL Agro
3. Automated Packaging of solid food items like pulses, nuts, grains, spices etc.
4. Packing of mustard oil bottles of 500ml, 2litres, 5 liters
5. Most of the machineries were based on PLC and CNC techniques.
6. Testing of raw material, In process material and final product
7. Testing of different food, oil samples.
8. Working of different boilers for oil purification
9. Purification of gram, pulses, etc
10. Sustainable approach of the company

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