Alumni Testimonials

Mr.Ankit Patel
B.Tech (2015 – 2019)
Senior Data Engineer
BluePi Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

“I feel immensely grateful for being a part of this outstanding academic community that has empowered me to pursue my dreams and achieve success in my career.”

Mr.Shubham Rai
B.Tech (2015 – 2019)
Senior Project Engineer
NTT Data

“Coming back to SRMS as guest gives me pleasure always. It was amazing meeting faculties and some enthusiastic budding technocrats at college. Thank you SRMS for having me here”

Mr.Srijan Shukla
B.Tech (2015 – 2019)
Senior System Engineer

“SRMS holds a special place in my heart and life. I have groomed myself immensely studying here. I was able to deliver my best in academics. Not just the academics, I received the parallel education which ensured my placement.”

Mr.Aditya Kannojia
B.Tech (2015 – 2019)
Senior Engineer

“It is my pleasure to come back at SRMS again as guest. It is my pleasure to spend those wonderful four
years at SRMS College. College life is an important phase in a student's journey.”


Mr.Saransh Malik
B.Tech (2008 Batch)
Asstt. Vice President,
HDFC Bank,Bangaluru,India

“It was good experience coming to SRMS. The students and all faculty members were very welcoming.”


Mrs.Payal Agarwal
B.Tech(CS) 1996 Batch ,
Scientist at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

“Coming to SRMS is like homecoming for me and it is a great honour to be the alumnus of the same college.Interaction with 3rd & 4th year students was a nice experience.”
Best Of Luck for all future endeavours”

SAMISHTHA EN 2019 Batch ,

“My memories in SRMS CET college are mostly magical, for it has helped as a building block for my career, Education culture is nice & advanced in nature, seminars, presentations and study are so knowledgeable based and have always guided me in my professional career, and personal growth, I am proud to be a student of SRMS college.”

Faraz A Khan Ec 2002 Batch
Product owner,
Telstra Limited Melbourne ,Australia

“Incredible experience to came here after 15 years .Massive changes in infrastructure in these years. I wish everyone associated with this college all the success in life.”

Vaibhav Deva Ec 2010 batch
Senior Solution Manager specialist

“It was great to see the enthusiasm in the students & college is absolutely putting great efforts to connect & bring industry to their campus .”

Gurbaksh Singh Gabbi CS 2014-2018 batch
Software developer engineer

“Thanks for inviting me.It was my pleasure to be a key note speaker and it was lovely to connect with students.”

Bhavesh Mahlan
MBA 2020-2022 Batch
Operations Executive at A.P. Moller- Maesk, Noida

“Ethics and discipline are key factors to success in life and SRMS is the source of it.Thanks to the respected faculties for the kind of education and values they are delivering .
Hope connected ahead in life.”

Abhishek Gupta
MCA 2007-2010 Batch
Principal Engineer(Architect) Walmart Global Tech, Bengaluru

Great Experience & i enjoyed every visit of this college. Great to know that almost every student has a job in hand few have two or three offers as well.

Ankit Haseeja
B.Tech (EC), 2017-2021 Batch
Assistant System Engineer,Tata Consultancy Services

SRMS is a world of knowledge which provides various discipline techniques to enhance our career . Thanks to TDP cell for transforming me to what I am.

B.Tech (IT) 1999 Batch
Train Engineer in Shell Oil & Gas Industry, Bengaluru

I Feel proud & thrilled to be part of this get together .Very thankful for all the teachers for giving us the education & values because of which I am today in IT & Oil & Gas industry.

IT, 2012-2017 Batch
Senior Software Engineer – Cloud at Tavisca, a cxLoyalty Technology Platform (Division of JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

SRMS is a world of knowledge empowerment which just is not Provide us good knowledge but also give discipline and overall development.

CS, 2000-2004 Batch
Founder and CEO | Building ProtecoNINs – Guidewire Experts | Global Delivery Head

Enjoy keep coming here . Look forward to doing many more things together with college administration. Kudos to Anuj sir for making us feel connected.

CS, 2015-2019 Batch
Software Engineer at TCS Digital

One of the best memories I ever had. Thanks for the invitation. Great work. Best ever faculty & management .

BE, 1999-2003 Batch
Spearheading Intricate Programs (> $15 Millions) To Triumph For Over Two Decades Alongside Being Fitness Gospeler & Lifelong Learner

SRMS is my alma mater and it’s always a pleasure to be back here, I have the best of my memories associated with this place.

MCA, 2016-2018 Batch
Software Engineer at Priority Vendor a C2FO Company

Thanks for the invitation ,great work by the management of the SRMS,This kind of activity will help the students a lot…..amazing SRMS.

Mr.Vivek gupta.
ECE, 2011-2015 Batch
Lead Analyst at Mercer| Former IT Analyst at TCS

Good to experience the college vibes again with the new energetic folks. Great effort by the entire TDP cell and value addition team.

Mr. Sunil dixit.
IT, 2003 Batch
Senior Software Engineer , Microsoft

I really liked the way the college conducted the lecture and the way they strive to do better for their students.

Apoorv Srivastava
EC, 2000 Batch
Director, Technical & Service Design, BT Global Services

Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology (EC-2000 Batch) has grounded me with technology head and have fueled me with passion and humility I need to overcome challenges in dynamic technology world .Currently I am the Director for Technical and Service Design supporting BT’s Global Services division, a leading global business communications provider, supplying ICT services to 5,500 multinational companies in 180 countries.

I have worked for close to 14 years in the ICT sector, supporting the digitalization of some of the world’s most valuable and complex organizations. As Director, I am driving transformation for repositioning Global Services as a more focused digital business, prioritizing the innovation of cloud-based platforms that deliver products and services, with BT’s global network at the core, to support the digital transformation of its customers.

I have been at BT since 2012 in a variety of roles right from Project Managing of Cyber Security Programs to building technical design capability for BT Security & BT Compute portfolio in India, most recently Portfolio Head of BT Compute & BT Connect, driving technology advancement which in turn results in efficient & effective design outcome for global customers.

Before joining BT, I gained industry sector expertise by leading Bharti Airtel’s Managed IT Services(Data centers) offering to multinational customers.

Rahul Ravi
ME, 2005-2009 Batch
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Very nice to rejoice my memories with college and staff. Just best wishes for college for any support please do call me or mail.

Ankur Dubey
CSE, 2011 Batch
Advance Placement Physics Instructor, US College Counsellor at USA UnivQuest FIITJEE Ltd.

SRMSCET and it’s environment not only gives a quality education but also builds a habit of determination and punctuality. My Undergraduation years in SRMSCET is best transition phase of my life. It brings me out of the comforts of sonders.

Umesh Kushwaha
CSE, 2010 Batch
CEO , R&D, Rannlab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I always love to being around the students to guide them and teach them new things. SRMS give me all those opportunities and environment to develop my skills as a problem solver.

It was a privilege to come and share my experiences with the students. I really enjoyed the experience to be part of alumni lecture series. Best wishes. I lived one of my best experience by hiring my own juniors from SRMS.

Utkarash Kumar Singh
CSE, 2010 Batch
Pursuing Mtech(CSE), IIT Bombay

“Being a part of SRMS family is a great pleasure for me. Writing today reminds me of all the happy memories of my four years of SRMS gives academic, social and moral values equal importance which is the best quality which i enjoyed here during my stay. The SRMS scholarship program acts an driving force for achieving academic excellence. My special thanks to Dev Murti sir for this. I am grateful to my faculty members for grooming me and making capable of facing real life challenges. Their contribution is of great importance in making what i am today. As a part of SRMSCET family, I will be always be available for the educational initiatives of SRMS.”

Shambhavi Agrawal
CS, 2009 Batch
Worked at TCS as ASE, Currently pursuing PhD in strategic management from IIM, Kozhikode

It’s a pleasure to be an alumnus of SRMSCET. The seriousness towards academics and an equal enthusiasm towards cultural and sports activities made life at SRMS worth a ride. The technical expertise I gained there has shaped my corporate outlook and the friends I made at SRMS have moulded me as a person.

Saurabh Mishra
B.Tech. – CS (2001 – 2005 Batch)
Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Amazed to see the progress of the college both in terms of quality of infrastructure and quality of students. My best wishes to the college and waiting to see more students shining in their careers and uplifting the Brand “SRMS”.

Shrethi Agarwal
EC, 2009 Batch
Ex Employee – TCS , Student IIM

Coming back to the campus has been a pleasure. It reminds you of all the small things you did here in four years. Meeting your faculties here is even more valuable. It was a pleasure to speak to my juniors about what lies ahead. TCS, IIM all things alike but SRMS will always be my first place of learning.

Anupam Singh
IT, 2000 Batch
Practice Head for Business Transformation – APAC (Melbourne, Australia), Tech Mahindra

It was a privilege to come and share my experiences with the students in the Alumni Lecture Series. Thanks to all the faculty members with special thanks to Shri Anuj Kumar Sir. Great participation , reallly enjoyed the experience to be part of this initiative. Best wishes.

Manish Kumar
EC, 1999 Batch
Principal Auditor – Corporate Audits, Assessment and Certification Group (Bangalore, India), INFOSYS Ltd.

It was great to interact with students and faculty members about intellectual property and the idea of setting up innovation cell at SRMS. I was overwhelmed to inaugurate the SRMS Innovation and Incubation cell with Mr. Aditya Murti and will always be available for support to this initiative.

Faraz Nomani
2012 Batch
Application Developer
Thought works (Chennai, India)

It’s a place that gives academic rigor and moral values equal importance while keeping you on your toes all the time. The scholarship program by SRMS Trust is a motivational force for every student to achieve academic excellence.

Som Dutt
CS, 1996 Batch
Deputy General Manager – Tools and Automation, Reliance Jio

A degree from SRMSCET teaches you to be independent and think for yourself. Various workshops, discussions, healthy peer learning and great faculty team grooms you into an adaptable professional. That’s why I didn’t face any real challenges when I moved to various cities with different jobs.

Shalabh Garg
CS, 1996 Batch
Vice President – Head of Data Center Services, Network, InfoSec, Enterprise Apps, PMO & Governance (New Delhi, India), Religare

I believe SRMSCET plays a great role in nurturing the talent of students who join different programs. It played a key role in preparing me for diverse kinds of environments. Coupled with the strong knowledge base I developed there it facilitated my move to different roles and profiles in various companies.

Subodh Dixit
EN, 1999 Batch
Group Head, Tata Power

It was great to interact with students and faculty members about intellectual property and the idea of setting up innovation cell at SRMS. I was overwhelmed to inaugurate the SRMS Innovation and Incubation cell with Mr. Aditya Murti and will always be available for support to this initiative.

Manish Kaushal
CS, 1996 Batch
Chief Architect/ Technology Head, Intel

SRMSCET takes all the right measures to offer students practical learning experience. Coupled with engaging classroom sessions with experienced faculty team, it gave me the confidence to go after my dreams as a professional.

Vibhuti Sinha
CS, 1999 Batch
Chief Cloud Officer (Atlanta, Georgia), Saviynt

The engineering program at SRMSCET has been a great platform for me. As an institute with its diverse methods of education, grooming and personality development, CET puts you on par with the best internationally.

Chirodeep Roy
CS, 2001 Batch
Project Head (UP East) – Reliance Jio

Surely all of this is not an accident. SRMSCET is doing a lot of things that are systematically breeding good engineers/managers who are able to take on any challenges thrown to them and deliver results despite the challenges.

Parul Maurya
EC, 2010 Batch

I was always keen on being an entrepreneur and it was only possible due to the inspiration I received during my 4 years of education at SRMS CETR. Incubation & Research Cell is the best platform for students who want to see their ideas take wings. The mentoring you get from the faculty members is enriching and motivating.

Apoorva Saxena
CS, 2012-16 Batch
Assistant System Engineer, TCS

When I first entered SRMS I was anxious about my future. Over the four years, so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident. The college aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills and abilities. It, in fact, didn’t leave the attitude part behind as well. These years at SRMS are the best years concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to my faculty member. At last, thanks to the college and Training & Placement Department for their continuous efforts in getting me placed in top IT Company. This endeavor will lead our college to incredible heights.

Narita Burman
EE, 2012-16 Batch
System analyst, TCS

Life in SRMS was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. But throughout the journey I have learned a lot. It have provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, as a leader and most importantly as a professional. Experience in SRMS have helped me sharpen my skills in my field of choice by providing fully equipped labs where I could practice and learn. Apart from this being a part of student panel helped me improve my managing skills along with technical. In all I had a great learning experience and have learnt some very important lessons in life which will help me to grow in future as well.

Narayani Pandey
EE, 2012-16 Batch
System analyst, HCL

Looking back at the 4 years that I spent in Engineering, there are so many memories that come as my flashback. I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from SRMSWCET under the guidance of highly efficient Professors and Management. From the first day itself the institute has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process. Engineering course is not just a process of earning a bachelor’s degree. It is a period which defines your life. You enter a college as a confused teenager and a right Institute serves the very purpose of moulding you up in each and every respect and SRMS CETR Formerly SRMS WCET does a very good job is doing so.

Khushboo Gupta
IT, 2012 Batch
Software Engineer, Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.

It’s been fortunate to be a part of the SRMSCETR, Bareilly where I got the platform to enrich my skills and henceforth a bright light towards my life, with the support and endeavor of my faculty members all the way with my family.

Preeti Gangwar
IT, 2012 Batch
System Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

I really feel proud on saying that I have completed my graduation from SRMS Bareilly. The thing i admire the most is the support from everyone at every step. My teachers really helped me a lot in brightening my future. I am really thankful to SRMS because whatever I am today is just because of it.

Anubha Duhan
EE, 2011-15 Batch
Manager (Pune, Maharashtra, India), Tech For India

When I reminisce about my four years of college life in SRMS, I see the transferable set of competencies that got build up over a period of time in me. I will definitely not talk about the knowledge piece here but I would like to talk about the skills and mindsets that help to raise the bar of excellence. And when I hark back to my journey of four years I think skills like strategic planning, optimism, coaching, managing self and time got developed at grass root level that certainly played a vital role post graduation.

The rigorous curriculum of SRMS in many ways prepared me to sustain the worst and outshine the best. Building on this I would like to highlight that currently if I am able to handle multiple tasks on my plate I think it is because of the seeds that got planted in those golden four years of college.

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.” I resonate completely with this adage. And those four years were challenging. They escalated me on the learning curve and led to my personal development. When I say challenging I talk about those series of tests in each semester that build the knowledge and pedagogy, I also talk about the interventions that college had for personal development classes (mock interviews, classes in each semester etc). I also talk about the opportunities available in four years to hone the skills- fest (cultural + technical) and workshops.

It is easy to whine for things that we didn’t get access to but do we really make best use of the ones that were available to us? I personally believe that SRMS provides with the access and exposure that is required to build those set of competencies. Undoubtedly, it is us who needs to skew the lens of looking at things. Avenues are provided by the college. For instance, guest speaker series, workshops, lectures, practical drilling, mock interviews, technical and cultural fest and other key interventions.

Accentuating the key points and recapitulating my journey I would say, (a) I met different people and that’s how I got different perspective. (b) The four years were like burning in a crucible and coming out refined, having those leadership qualities like, perseverance, grit and embracing the chaos. (c) Opportunities and platforms that made me equipped enough to fight the battle of outside world. (d) And staff that owned my development.

Currently, I work in an organization that believes to eliminate educational inequity and at the same time aims to provides holistic education. I am a Fellow Adviser in Teach For India. Post graduation I chose the road less travelled. I consult, problem solve with the new fellows. I coach, guide them to embark on this journey having ups and downs. The work we do in the organization is high stakes and challenging but it’s worth it and gives me thrills. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and set proof points in the country that poverty doesn’t dictate destiny. In order to beat the odds I believe one has to have high sense of possibility. And to some extent the four years of college helped me shape my future that was completely amorphous before.

Anshi Srivastav
CS, 2011-15 Batch
Software Engineer, HCL Technologies (Security Domain)

College plays a very important role in making the career of a person, for me this was -SRMS.I had a very positive experierence with SRMS,it had contributed a major part in my career building.The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. College aims at the overall development of the student so that he/she can excel in different fields .So in SRMS one is not just bookworm but a real thinker-which is the basic requirement in today’s tech-era.

Fiza Khan
EE, 2011-15 Batch
Test Engineer (Gurgaon, India), Deco India.

SRMS is such an institution that not only inspire you but also teaches what your end goal is. Here lecture halls seemed filled with the spirit of wisdom & the professors were the embodiment of knowledge. Qualities like initiative and leadership appears in every student through the co curricular activities in college. In the end all I could muster up SRMS is the part where you find who you are.

Sunita Bisht
EC, 2011-15 Batch
System Engineer – Tata Consultancy Service

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my experience with our college.

My 4 year journey with SRMSWCET started in 2011 with lots of aspiration in my heart which came to reality when i finally got placed in TCS. All of it was possible with the right direction provided by all the faculties right from the beginning of this journey. Different personality development sessions conducted in college helped in grooming a student to bring out a professional person .

SRMSWCET gave me numerous chances to show and enhance my talent at every stage. Different aptitude sessions and timely assessment of the same ,various GD sessions ,mock interviews etc were conducted which gave me enough confidence to face and crack the recruitment process of TCS.

Anshika Saxena
CS, 2011-15 Batch
Test Engineer (Bangalore), Accenture

It is well said that you value things when u don’t have them this is very much true in my case as well. When we were in college we always use to think that why there is so much of discipline but once I enter corporate I realized that it was for our benefit only. And one thing more I would like to thanks my faculty members who helped us in every way to make our basics very clear which gave me edge over other graduates. At the end of day it all depends on how well you perform in your organization and how keen you are in learning new things that too with right attitude.

Bhavana Sehgal
IT, 2011-15 Batch
Analyst at Google Gurgaon, Haryana, India

I am overwhelmed with the opportunity I got to share my thoughts and feelings for the college website. I am really blessed to have such teacher’s and mentor’s in my life from which i learned a lot and implemented to make my future bright.

Today where i am standing in the career path is the second level and it’s too strong and bold. Just because the first level roots are nourished in a great and best way.

When i found out i got admission here, i was on cloud as finally i got a chance to live the hostel life. This college has been nothing less than what i had hoped for. Supportive seniors and faculty, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experiences, and amazing friends. its everything one needs from a college, and a network developed for life. The growth i have seen in myself due to SRMS, is invaluable. it has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. not only do they conduct various technical quizzes and events, but also many nontechnical events as well, to test the all round development of the students. with its management, tech, law, pharmacy, diploma and architecture courses, there is a large variety of students on campus, providing everyone opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Students are encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills, so that they can cope with the world outside the campus. With the up to date laboratory facilities, and various software, large libraries on campus as well as online, students can easily access study materials to ensure quality output.

There are numerous canteen facilities and the sports grounds keep the students physically active as well. The classes are very interactive and faculties ensure that every student understands what is being taught before proceeding. Courses are challenging, yet very informative, so that we don’t feel lost when entering the competitive market. All in all SRMS provides every student exactly what they need for life. Proud to be a part of SRMS.

Swati Katiya
EC, 2010-14 Batch
Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur

Its been very 4 year memorable journey on those benches of SRMS. Just after completing schooling started playing with circuits as I was the student of Electronics & Communication branch. Really my faculties helped me too find the inner me and removing my double thoughts regarding future. I never thought RESEARCH going to be my coming future as I was such average student. And now I really want to thank each and every teacher of mine who made me better person and making me realize our future should be the way we imagined in our dreams. I work in Birla Research center and do ISRO projects and cherish those my 4 year in my very own college.

EE, 2010 Batch
Software Tester, Aappsquadz Tech Pvt Ltd

When I look back 6 years ago it makes me feel wonderful. Wonderful for everything which I am today. Today I am placed in a reputed company and not only placed but performing well up to the standards of Industry and that’s all possible due to holistic education system of my college. This college not only taught me to do well in academics but also to perform good under pressure and to work in team which is the most important requirement of industry.

Like many other students I use to complain about college disciplined environment, hectic schedules for projects and workshops but now I realize that it was for my benefit & it has turned me into a better professional to survive in today’s competitive environment.

Thanks to my Alma matter SRMS WCET which is now co-ed college SRMS CETR, my teachers, my management, my seniors and juniors who all make it possible.

Sukeerti Singh
EC, 2009-13 Batch
Component Design Engineer (Bangalore , India)

Good to hear that our college has become co-ed. I wish to visit college once. I hope everything is great. My four year journey at SRMS was more than just a great study experience. It has given me a direction, a new perspective and infused a sense of responsibility in me. I learnt to become more focused and disciplined. I developed a habit of setting small goals and achieving them to move towards a major goal. The teachers are very learned and helpful. They continuously challenged and helped me to develop new abilities, sharpen my skills and broaden my horizons. The infrastructure and top notch laboratory facilities helped me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. I want to specially thank HOD ECE Mrs. Nazia Parveen, who always encouraged me to do better and became an ideal for me.

The most important thing I learnt was that there is no shortcut to success. The carbon needs to be cut, burnt, pressurized and finally polished to become a diamond. We should have dreams and we should work hard to fulfill those dreams.