Exhibition “PARAEXPO” Conducted at Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Paramedical Sciences

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  • In Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Paramedical Sciences the exhibition“PARAEXPO” was conducted on 25th February, 2019 which was inaugurated by the honorable Chairman Shri Dev Murti Ji, organized by the students, and the members of Vibrant Club of Paramedical Sciences.
  • The main object of “PARAEXPO” was to focus on assessing the Student’s conceptual knowledge about their course, their technical skills and to increase their creativity under the guidance of their respected faculties.
  • 26 groups were involved in this exhibition from various branches of B.Sc. MLT, B.Sc. RIT, B.Sc. CT-MRIT, B.Sc. OTT., B. OPTOM, and B.PT. The main object of the exhibition was to make the working models or charts which correlate with their practical works.
  • Honorable Chairman Shri Dev Murti Ji, Director Administration Shri Aditya Murti Ji, Medical Director Dr. Nirmal Yadav, Add. Medical Superintendent Dr. H.O. Agarwal, Principal IMS Dr. S.B. Gupta, Dean UG Dr. Rohit Sharma, Dean PG Dr. Pyush Kumar, Principal CET/CET&R Dr. Prabhakar Gupta, Principal Nursing College, HODs, Faculties of the various Department of IMS visited the exhibition and appreciated. The students of the various colleges of S.R.M.S. Trust like CET, CET&R, IMS, NURSING also visited the Exhibition
  • The models and charts were graded by judges. After the successful completion of exhibition charts and models were awarded with their respected prize which was given by Honorable Chairman Shri Dev Murti Ji.
    B.Sc. MLT - Modal (FORCE-16, Rahul and Team 1st Prize, ARPAN DONER STATION, Saba and Team 2nd Prize).
    B.Sc. OTT - Modal (LOPROSCOPE OT, Shivangi and Team 1st Prize, GASKIN, Adarsh and Team 2nd Prize) .
    B.PT - Modal (FITNESS AQUA THERAPY, Dirsthi and Team 1st Prize, STEP 2 LIFE, Jagriti and Team 2nd Prize).
    B.Sc. RIT - Modal (HICKEY, Sana and Team 1st Prize, WIDGET, Babar and Team 2nd Prize) .
    B. Optom - Modal (GULLSTRAND’S OPTRON, Abhishek and Team 1st Prize, OCULO MOERS, Shivangi and Team 2nd Prize).