Marketing Quiz was an engaging and exciting learning experience for students

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Marcomania, the Marketing Club of Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School (SRMS IBS), Lucknow recently organized a stimulating quiz session for future managers. The idea was to encourage students to think out of the box and boost their awareness about the latest in the world of business. That’s why the session with Professor Ashish Kumar involved questions related to Marketing and Business and made for an interesting intellectual workout for students.

Teams were drawn with seniors and juniors in groups of three. After the initial screening round, only four out of 37 teams made it to the final. In all, the event consisted of five engaging rounds that brought the best out of the participating students. Mixed Bag was the first round and had questions on various subjects while round two focused on Current Business Affairs. In the third round, Logos and Taglines, students had to recognize famous company logos and taglines.

The highly popular round set the tempo for the quiz and students experienced edge-of-the-seat excitement in the final two rounds. The fourth round, Pehchan Kaun (identifying personalities), involved identifying company abbreviations. The fifth and final round raised the difficulty quotient as the contestants had to identify the voice of various business personalities and brand advertisements. But the future managers from the college were up to the task.

After rigorous rounds of quizzing, Team Polo bagged the top prize and walked away with INR 1000 in cash. Team Rapid and Team Figo were the 1st and 2nd Runners Up and were awarded INR 700 and INR 500 respectively. While the winning teams won bragging rights, everyone experienced tremendous learning. In addition to a healthy boost of competitive spirit, the contestants got acquainted with a range of companies and business environments.