Chairman’s Message

Globalization, entrepreneurship and technology, along with corporate citizenship, are the drivers that are reinventing the business world. Newer, faster, more responsible and sustainable ways of doing business are emerging every day.

SRMS IBS’s innovative Management curriculum will prepare you for this new world, going beyond the traditional management program to provide real-world challenges and opportunities for experiential learning. Our world-class faculty consist of established thought leaders whose ideas are shaping global business policy, yet who are committed to your professional growth by facilitating teams and serving as mentors, even leading study trips.

Hands-on learning opportunities, access to alumni at the helm of leading corporations and a diverse network of student-run groups, organizations and clubs all enhance the classroom setting and allow you to gain valuable experience in team-building, networking and social responsibility.

Our location in the Lucknow region as an unparalleled center for International Business, Finance and Governance along with our Professional Corporate Resource Centre will ultimately turn graduates into professionals with today’s leading companies.We invite you to further explore your areas of interest here at SRMS IBS, and remember – whatever your individual path to success, the SRMS IBS Management can help you achieve the same.

Dev Murti
Chairman, SRMS Trust