Rahul Tripathi Shares his SRMS IBS Journey that Led to Placement with Tata Capital

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All management aspirants hope that they can begin their careers on a strong note with a top brand name. Rahul Tripathi of SRMS IBS has achieved that goal by bagging a placement with Tata Capital Limited. As he is gung ho about his future career, he talks about the contribution of his B School in molding him as a professional. “SRMS IBS gives you the perfect platform to launch your careers from. I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my professional journey,” he states.

Rahul talks highly of the placement department at the institute, which attracts top organizations from different fields to the campus. His own placement is a testimony to that. Rahul has been recruited in a plum position for Rs. 4.08 lakhs package, and he knows this is just the beginning. “I am grateful to the placement cell of our institute because it is responsible for bringing us exciting career opportunities with big names in the business,” he explains.

But Rahul is quick to point out that the transformation of students into future professionals at SRMS IBS begins from day 1. It’s because of the training and experience they gain at the institute that the students are industry ready and appealing to recruiters. “There is a focus on giving us hands on training. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals,” he adds thoughtfully.

According to Rahul the amenities and classroom environment ensue that students have the best learning experience at SRMS IBS. “We have all the best modern facilities at the institute. It promotes a very healthy and comfortable learning environment. Another advantage of studying at the institute is that it has flexible schedules so suit the needs of students like me. It ensures that all of us keep pace with the learning,” he claims.

B School experience is not just about academic learning but growing as an individual and soaking in different aspects of life too. Rahul admits that studying with students from different backgrounds has been an enriching experience for him. “I have learned a lot from them and they have helped me grow to a large extent. SRMS IBS is the best B School to study at and it also makes you feel at home. I am proud to be a part of SRMS IBS family,” he ends proudly.