Blood Bank

The institute also has the facility of BLOOD BANK for providing blood to the patients. Our Blood Bank is running 24 hours for the benefits of the patients. The Blood of all groups is available in Blood Bank for the patients. Automatic coagulation analyser for coagulation profile is already functional. Soon various blood components like PRBCs, Platelets, FFPs etc. would be available.


There is round the clock pharmacy where practically all types of quality medicines of good reputed companies are available at a very reasonable price. The trust runs a ‘Free Medical Shop’ for patients where WHO prescribed drugs are provided free of cost.

Ambulance Services

SRMS IMS provides round the clock ambulance services to critically ill patients. The ambulances are fully equipped with gadgets for cardiac monitoring, invasive and non-invasive BP monitoring and ventilator support. An ICU trained Doctor, nurse and healthcare assistant accompany the patient during the transit period.


The Hospital has a Central Sterilization Department having vertical & horizontal sterilization machines that caters to all the requirements of Wards, OPD’s, Casualty and others.

Central Gas Plant

Hospital has a Central Gas Plant which supplies Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air through Central Pipe LIne to all the wards, OT, I.C.U., N.I.C.U. , P.I.C.U. and Emergency.


Hospital has a fully Automatic Laundry catering to the need of wards, patients, Doctors, students and staff.


The Hospital has Central Mess which provides special and normal diet to the patients and to the hospital staff at very concessional rates. The Mess maintains a high level of Hygiene while preparing & serving the meals. A special lift has been provided in the hospital to transport the meals to differnt wards.

Animal House

To obtain authentic results of the research experiments and test, it is important to have standardized animal with known health and genetic status. The Animal House of the Institute provides optimum environment for experimental animals to be used for research under the care of a Veterinary Doctor.

Operation Theater Complex

The Hospital has a Central ten O.T. Complex and separate two O.T. Complex for Gyanecology. The Theaters are well equipped with equipments such as Micro-scopes, Modern O.T. Light, C-ARM, Laproscope & Endoscope for all kinds of Laproscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries. It has a wide range of instrumentation to carry out simplest to complex surgeries. There is a separate sterilization Unit for O.T.