Akash Tewari’s internship performance wins him not one but two placement offers

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Summer internships offer opportunities to management aspirants to test their skills and prove themselves. Good performance can bring you just gains in the form of placement offers. Akash Tewari, PGDM Batch 2016–18 at SRMS IBS, recently interned with ICICI Securities, Jharkhand and performed extremely well. “I was the only student who managed to get five appointments on the very first day. I was also consistent throughout the internship and it got me two job offers with Religare Securities and Sunrise.”

Right Attitude for Internships

Akash was based in Dhanbad for his internship themed “Mutual Funds Simplified”. Since he had to travel the distance for appointments, he would leave home at 7 am and set up meetings even after coming back at night. It was a mix of office and field work, but he never shirked responsibility and was at the top of his game. “In fact one of the branch managers told me I was taking my work too seriously. But the internship was a huge opportunity given to me by my college and I wasn’t going to take it lightly. I had to prove myself.”

All About Presentation

As part of his coaching, Akash was put through the paces at his college. He was taught the importance of presentation, which can open new doors for him. Something as simple as wearing uniform with a blazer can make the right impression in the professional sphere, as he learned. “I had to go to Kolkata for my training; it was hot and wearing a blazer seemed too much. But when the project head came in and I was the only one wearing a blazer it was appreciated. I was also the only one taken for a meeting with company heads from Mumbai.”

Important Lessons from the Internship

Akash is the first one to admit he may not be the sharpest mind when it comes to academics. However, he makes up for it with his hard work and dedication. He also believes now he has the confidence to interact with CEOs of companies and make the right impression with them. “The internship has helped me present myself as a professional. I have been able to handle different challenges with presence of mind. It has given me the confidence to take on any responsibility and not be shy of being the leader of the pack.”

B-School Nurturing his Potential

Now in the second year of his program, Akash sees a huge transformation in himself. Learning the attributes to become a successful manager, he continues to develop his personality. He says it’s because of the support of his faculty members and the initiatives at the B-School. “For me, Bootcamp was a novel initiative that has prepared me in a short time. I have also gained a lot from GDCC classes including mock interviews, which are essential before you go for your internships and placements.”

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