Teaching Methodology

Teaching methodology has been designed to inculcate conceptual and technical skills in students and is based on lectures, seminars, group discussions, practical training on patients etc. Efforts have been made to impart education and training through a methodology consisting of –

Teaching Aids

Modern scientific teaching is practically impossible without a gamut of teaching aids viz. overhead projectors (OHP), slide projector, LCD projectors, computer and internet, power point presentations and video cassette libraries. Our faculty utilizes these facilities liberally.


Didactic lectures are delivered by experienced faculty to give an overview of different organ systems.


Demonstrations are given with an objective to develop technical skills in the nurses and to illustrate how to perform an act procedurally. These demonstrations are audio visual presentation using actual objects.

Group Discussions

These are held periodically in batches of 6-10 students, supervised by a faculty facilitator for clarifying doubts, sharing knowledge with fellow colleagues and teachers.

Problem Based Learning

We have also introduced problem based learning in batches of 6-10 students with an expert facilitator from the faculty.

Student Tutorials/Seminars

These include Assignments, poster making, write-ups, short orations to inculcate the spirit of self learning.

Laboratory Practicals

These are held according to prescribed syllabus to develop psychomotor skill, ability to observe, verify and analyze data for verification of scientific statements and to reach on logical conclusions.

Field Trip

These are organized to give the students training in natural environment by making them visit special departments, units in the hospital, outside agencies and community services.

Clinical Teaching

Here the students are sent to the hospital clinics, wards for developing better skills and have a direct interface with the patients which enables them to improve their nursing care techniques and skills.

Teaching through simulators

A state-of-art skill development lab has been developed considering the need for teaching through simulators. Here the trainer exposes the students for conducting specialised procedures on live like simulators before practicing on patients. A demonstration of various organs, nerves & senses given to the students through sophisticated software fitted mannequins.

Tests and Viva-Voce

Regular written/Practical/Viva-voce tests are taken to revise and reinforce the knowledge, hitherto imparted to assess student’s ability and effort in understanding the subject.


The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated with proper lighting system. All classrooms are equipped with LCD Projector, OHP, Computer, Black and white boards, racks, cupboards. The classrooms are spacious enough for providing proper and adequate seating facilities for the students.


Nursing Practice Laboratory

A well equiped fundamental nursing Practice Laboratory has good no. of article for practicing a nursing procedures.

Community Practice Laboratory

Community Practice Laboratory is fully equipped with all articles required for practicing nursing procedures in urban as well as rural community set-ups.

Nutrition Laboratory

The Nutrition Laboratory is well equipped with all necessary equipments and fittings for imparting basic knowledge about food and to practice cooking for the healthy as well as for the sick. Obs. & Gynaecology

Paediatric Laboratory

The Laboratories are fully equipped with all kind of gynae instruments and mannequins for upgrading the students skill in the field of midwifery and paediatrics.

Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories are well equipped with all necessary models related to human organs and also have preserved specimens for enhancing the students knowledge and skills.

Computer Laboratory

The state-of-the-art computer laboratory facility is equipped with latest computers and latest Softwares. All PCs of the laboratory are connected with all the other departments.